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The Most Visited Countries in the World

Malaysia beach

Despite unpleasant economic circumstances across the globe, Europe boasts six of the top 10 most visited countries in the world for 2011. Shocking, considering how much 'bang' you can get for the same amount of money in Asia. China ranked third on the list and surprisingly, Malaysia beat out Thailand as the ninth country on the list.
So why did 24.7 million international tourists head to Malaysia in 2011?
Why not! The country is friendly, interesting, and affordable. Fusion food and beautiful islands are just a couple of Malaysia's specialties.
A lion's share of the visitors to Malaysia were from adjacent and comparatively wealthy Singapore. Most of the American travelers that I meet while in Southeast Asia tend to include Malaysia as a secondary diversion, a place to snoop around for just a few days for something different. Unfortunate, because Malaysia really is a world-class destination.

Ya,aku tau list ni dah lama keluar.Dan Malaysia memang tempat ke-9 negara paling dilawati didunia. Tahun 2011,kita ditempat ke-9 dgn jumlah pelancong 24.7 juta dan tahun 2012 kita ditempat ke-10 biarpun jumlah pelancong bertambah ke 25 juta. Sebab Russia dapat tempat ke-9. Yang penting,kita masih dalam senarai top ten negara paling dilawati didunia.
Apa salahnya nak berbangga? Bukan senang tau nak beat negara lain seperti:

1. Thailand-selain kos mengembara murah dari Malaysia,thai adalah syurga kebebasan dunia.
Tempat paling happening, best berparti (yg mana mat saleh suka sgt),syurga seks, syurga arak, syurga pondan dan gayboy serta memang sejak dari dulu lagi memang Thai lebih famous dikalangan pelancong. Sedangkan Malaysia diberi imej Islam yang menakutkan dan penduduk tak mesra alam seperti thai katanya.Ini tidak adil buat Malaysia! Sedangkan kita lebih diversed dari Thai dari segi budaya,makanan dan mukabumi.
Thai overrated sebab syurga seks.(suka hati aku kalo aku nak bias).
 One of the traveller comment bout Thailand Vs Malaysia in tourism is:
"After visiting Malaysia numerous times, and living in Thailand for four years. I have often wondered why more people visit Thailand than Malaysia…
If you wanted to sum up the two countries it would go like this. Thailand the hot younger sister that likes to take off her clothes and party, while Malaysia is the more mature older sister, that knows parting and taking your clothes off is not the way to get attention, she is also hot, but it is hard to tell because she is conservative."

2. Indonesia- yang ni pun kita susah nak beat sebab dia ada monumen dunia. Candi Borodubur yang terkenal tu,pantai Kuta Bali yang dikatakan paling best didunia selain kos lebih murah untuk melancong. Budayanya jugak kuat dari kita. Mukabumi yang unik dan mengkagumkan

3. Cambodia- akuilah geng backpacker memang suka Cambodia sebab ada Angkot Wat. Juga kos lebih murah. Lebih adventure katanya bila kemudahan insfrastruktur seperti zaman 70-an dan 80-an.

4. Jepun dan Korea- yang ni pun kita susah nak beat sebab budaya dan kemajuan yang memudahkan pelancong. Ditambah dengan rakyat yang kuat bekerja dan jujur, serta geography yang hebat seperti Mount Fiji. Ada Disneyland Jepun, Nami island dan demam K-pop.

5. Singapura- ini walau kos mahal tapi ada segalanya. Business hub in Asia dan kemudahan yang canggih. Ada Universal Studio,tempat judi paling happening, Marina Sand dan standard tinggi yang memenuhi golongan elit rich and famous. Banyak konsert all star disini.

Jadi bukan senang nak beat semua negara ni kerana mereka ada prominent landmark dan ada semua happening factor yang traveller inginkan.
Even ramai komen yang tak percaya kenapa Malaysia masuk dalam list ni..sebab orang prefer Thai dari kita. Orang Thai mesra alam katanya dan tak strict undang-undang cam kita. Land of smile kononnya.
Tapi kita harus berbangga sebab Malaysia tak perlukan sex heaven dan arak murah untuk menarik pelancong. Maknanya kita lebih berdignity dalam menarik pelawat asing. Untuk itu, berterima kasihlah pada pelancong Singapura yang menyumbang hampir separuh dari jumlah pelawat yang ke sini.
Satu yang aku sangat bangga jadi rakyat Malaysia adalah negara kita rakyatnya lebih rasional dan stabil. Tak macam Thai,Indonesia,Filipina yang tak puas hati sikit, berdemo,berarak dan sebenarnya ini menjejaskan imej negara bila dibuat secara massive. Kita walau PRU-13 macam nak gila perang penyokong tapi kita tak sampai ke tahap nak gulingkan kerajaan. Pelabur asing perlukan kestabilan dan keamanan. Diantara negara Asean dan Asia,hanya Singapore dan Malaysia saja yang selalu berlawan dan berada didalam ranking yang agak sama (selalunya tempat yang lebih baik di Asean, Asia dan dunia).
Jadi sebenarnya Tun Mahathir berjaya menyaingi Lee Kuan Yew untuk buktikan siapa paling berjaya bangunkan nation biarpun Malaysia lebih rumit pelaksanaan berbanding Singapore.
Kita ada Twin tower saja..dan tak terkenal seperti 9 negara lain yang tersenarai. Uk ada bigben, Paris ada Eiffel, Italy ada Pisa, China ada Great Wall, Turkey ada Hagia Sofia, German ada kejuruteraan hebat dan Octoberfest, Spain ada Barca dan gereja paling famous Sagrada Familia, Mexico no doubt bergantung pada massive US traveller dan awesome beach mengadap lautan Pasifik.
 The United Nations World Tourism Organization has released the World Tourism Rankings, which delivers information on essential tourism numbers. On the back of these, is the list of the most visited countries in the world.
So, if you still have problems deciding on your next travel destination, here are places that millions of people all over the world could vouch for their brilliance. If you cannot decide on your own travel, why not join the pack

10. Mexico
International Tourist Arrivals: 23.4 million

Despite the country being added to the list of places that you should avoid in 2013, Mexico still attracted over 23 million visitors. Beach resorts, Meso-American ruins and cultural festivals, all come together to grow their flourishing tourism industry. Embedded with growling tourist attractions, Mexico caters to everyone to sample more than just what prominent Mexican Nachos can offer you.

9. Malaysia 
International Tourist Arrivals: 24.7 million

A south-east Asian country that you probably wouldn’t expect to be an internationally-acclaimed tourist spot. Malaysia is popular for its stunning islands, beaches, national parks and city life, with a trip here a worthwhile endeavor after 25 million people have decided to see Malaysia in a year.
Its natural attractions; like Mount Kinabalu, combined with magnificent biodiversity, will surely give you the serenity that will make you completely forget about city life.
Come to Malaysia, it’s truly Asia!

8. United Kingdom
International Tourist Arrivals: 28.4 million

The world’s famous monarchial nation of the United Kingdom, reached the 8th spot on the world’s most visited countries, with close to 29 million international tourist visits. It’s here where you realise that enormous castles and royalty, are not only true in fairy tales, but also in real life.
Some of the UK’s most appreciated landmarks include the alluring Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, the British Museum and the amazing Stonehenge.

7. Germany
International Tourist Arrivals: 29.2 million

Germany is actually one of the safest travel destinations in the world, with close to 30 million tourists arriving in a year. Their cultural diversity was been accredited to attract more and more visitors every year.
The Cologne Cathedral, the most visited landmark in Germany, simply can’t be missed while in the country. At the same time, the German festivals, protected areas, and cuisine will absolutely tempt you to start saving now.

6. Turkey
International Tourist Arrivals: 29.3 million

Essentially catering to culture, spa and health care tourism, this intercontinental country has been becoming popular as of late. Placing 6th on the list, Turkey is also famous for its beach resorts, strategically located along the Mediterranean Sea. Istanbul, its capital city, is place of ancient history; for the likes the Byzantine and Ottoman empires’ memoirs.
It also can’t be forgotten that it plays home to some of the largest shopping centres in all of Europe. A new surprise awaits the world as the Turkish government released that they will construct the largest airport in the world in Istanbul.

5. Italy
International Tourist Arrivals: 46.1 million

The world’s cradle of Christianity could not be omitted on the list. Italy’s capital city, Rome, is the political and religious centre of the western civilization. Millions of devotees pay a visit to the Vatican each year, contributing to the increasing number of visitors this country usually experiences. But there is undeniably more to that!
They say that people visit Italy for its gorgeous arts, cuisine, history, fashion and culture. How can you forget the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, the scenic Italian alps and the well-known Colosseum?
In recent years, 46 million tourists visited Italy. Admittedly, this country shouldn’t be missed.

4. Spain
International Tourist Arrivals: 56.7 million

Located on the Iberian Peninsula in Western Europe, Spain is gifted with rich culture and history. With this, Spain has jumped to the 4th spot on the list of the most visited countries.
Several of its attractions have immense historical value, but we usually just see or hear about them in the media. Also, this vibrant nation has become an unparalleled summer destination, with the lovely blue-watered beaches and antique houses making it a true paradise.
Two of its major cities, namely Barcelona and Madrid, offer the best night-life around. Over 56.7 million visitors in the past year experienced what a dream come true really is.

3. China
International Tourist Arrivals: 57.6 million

Welcome to the People’s Republic of China, the most populated country in the world. The loosening of restrictions by the Chinese government has instigated positive feedback to their booming tourism, with the country reaching 57.6 million tourist arrivals lately.
It is home to the famous ancient Chinese dynasties, where most of their tourist attractions have sprouted from. The Terracotta Army, Forbidden City and the monumental Great Wall of China will definitely leave you with an utter amazing experience.
Just a reminder though, prepare your Mandarin speaking skills; the Chinese locals rarely speak and understand English.

2. United States of America
International Tourist Arrivals: 62.3 million

Its likeability must be the one of the reasons why this country is dubbed as one of the leaders. With 3.79 million square miles, the USA is a magnificent place to travel; recently achieving a whopping 62.3 million tourist arrivals.
The national parks and dazzling cities cause visitors from all over the world to tour the country irresistibly. The popularity of the endless tourist attractions and destinations make it more popular, placing them second on the list.

1. France
International Tourist Arrivals: 79.5 million

Historical sites, shopping malls, fashion, technology, night-life, beaches and other nature attractions; name it, France definitely has it. Probably the most gifted area in the world, this country is on the top of the list with a staggering 79.5 million tourist arrivals.
Who wouldn’t want to have a personal look and experience the world renowned Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Palace of Versailles, and that’s just the start? In fact, France has 37 spots in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
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