Monday, April 14, 2014


How to further your study when you have a rusty mind?
But you got to.
Perlu ada passion dalam hidup, something yang sentiasa menyibukkan, dan masa untuk diri sendiri. Kengkonon, passion apakah? travel?hobbies like cooking,baking and gardening? doesn't sound interesting to me except travelling. Ok,what bout blogging? is that blogging is for a lonely people?show-off person to brag? or contribute to internet society?
Kenapakah ko perlu negatif? dalam usia tua-tua ni,tak perlulah fikir banyak sangat.Happy kan diri dan pergi jalan-jalan,tak payah fikir kenapalah anak dan menantu aku tak balik bulan ni?
Biarkan mereka jalani hidup mereka dan kita jalani hidup kita sepenuhnya. Cakap macam orang tua umo 50 tahun. Atau pun sambung belajar dikala senja macam aku!
perlukah aku makan semua supplement ni utk buang karat si otakku?

There will be long journey for 1,825 days (if not repeat paper,hehe) to claim myself as a student.
A good excuse to avoid all the invitation indeed (always pretend you are busy with work,and now thousands busy with assignment and exams)  yet will joepardise my backpacking plan for long period.
And the crucial point is..will extremely consume handsome cost of money, honey!
The money the that can take me to Harbin or Switzerland.
Yeah, and I'm still worrying bout my.. maybe 20y of future career remains.
Its ain't long though ,perhaps I will die earlier.

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