Are you about to be fire??

In facts,there are several signs on the wall that your job is not as secure as you think:

1.You are getting less responsibility at work:
Lets face it: If people like your work,they'll give you more to do.And if they don't,well they won't.The rational is clear as a day so before you start patting yourself on your back for outsmarting your boss into reducing workload consider the fact that maybe jusy maybe,she's outsmarting you.

2.Newer employees are getting the spotlight:
Nothing points to a warning star more than a tendency for bosses to rely upon newer employees more than you.If your boss assign all your old tasks to new brooms don't kids yourself that its because she consider those duties beneath someone with your talent.What is far more likely is that she thinks you do a lousy job and prefer the work of a newbie.

3.You get 'The Talk'- the talk is nasty lecture all of us receive at least once in our lives that tells us ,in no uncertain terms that if we do not buck up we can ship out.It is usually the last resort of bosses who do not really want to fire you but will do so nontheless if you do not improve your performance.Getting 'The Talk' normally means that your boss has already got her ass covered and is thinking about whom she could delegate your current duties to when you are gone.

4.The Black-and white paper trail begins:
Most discussion about job performance take place in private with as much light-heart humour as situation permit and as little formality as possible.These quite,one-on-one chats go unrecorded and are therefore not permissible as evidence that you were given due warning before the axe falls.However,if your boss start taking notes during these conversation then that is a sure sign that things are taking turn for the worse-she is building a paper trail to support your dismissal.

5.You boss drops hints about vacancies in other companies:
There are only couple of a reason why a boss would encourage you to seek employment at another firm.Either she genuinely believes that you will find the grass greener on the other side or she hopes to trick you into leaving so that she can be rid of you in a painless way as possible.Either way,she is showing you the door.

6.You start getting the ratty assignment:
The easiest way to know that you are about to be fired is when your boss starts handling you all the worst assignment the job can offer,the tasks that no one wants,the work that drives you insane with both boredom and humiliation.These are duties that are typically assinged to new employees who are still earning their place in pecking order.The fact that your boss is assigning them to you can only mean one thing:You are at the very bottom food chain..and are expected to stay there

7.You are sideline:
If your suddenly find youself no longer invited to attend meetings,then you can be fairy certain that you are being kept out of loop.Being relieved of all your usual chores is one thing,but being completely sideline is quite another.This happen for 2 reason:
i.You boss does not expect you to be around much longer and would therefore like to minimise your knowledge of company's plan and operation
ii.She does not find your contribution particularly valueble anyway.

8.Your relationship with your boss cool overnight:
Like we said earlier,no one likes firing people.However,there are ways to make the task easier and one of the strategies seasoned managers use is to distance themselves from their targets and cool all interpersonal ties with them.By making the relationship go cold,it is easier for them to be objective with their decision without feeling guilty about it..

Things DON"Ts on the holiday

The slightly annoying  holiday habit.Easy..this thing just a gather as the information tips-fit for group vacation:

1.You pack extra-ultra unnessary things - no neec 5 pair of heels.Sexy lingerie is.

2.You messier than normal -creating royal mess,can make your roomate headache

3.You get chatting by the pool-which isn;t crime.But agreeing to meet for dinner is.See how we stare at our forks and talk about footy while you cackle about local market price?

4.You think games are silly-You're actually happy to watch men who have biceps and a talent for volleyball.So how come wathing us playing beach footy isn't turn-on?

5.You moan when we use our ipad-Not that you want to talk,you're just paranoid folks will think we've got to 'issue'.So we have to sit there in silent while you read a book.Ace!!

6.You try 'style' us for beach- 'you can;t go into that',you splutter.pointing at the neon shorts we bought in Phuket last year.Facts,we'll never look like Becks even in sarong.

7.You shop - At the airport.You haven't got into the plane yet you still have a look at perfume and shoes.Obviously we're not allowed in digital Mall-gADget shopping's meet with a burst of 'oh for god sake,grow up'

8.You nag more than our mum-Its doesn;t matte that we manage to hold down a jobs and pay our bills,we still get'did you remember your passport?' or 'have you brought you sun lotion?' Do you have enough underwear?'Yes dear.

9.You actually like temples-its  the lads,we'd never visit anywhere that didn't serve beer.but you love a tourist attraction.Especially if its 10 miles up a hill.Bored?Us?no,really.

10.You'd rather tan than have sex?(company with bf)-Just because the sun is shining and there's space down by the pool doesn't mean you can't spend an afternoon in think we flew to Langkawi to get burnt and potter around in gift shop? You do.

11.You won't leave the  shallow end - you wanted a hotel with a the sea.then it;s a week of  -'don't spalsh,you'll get my hair wet.I can't see my's too deep,lets get out.'-It's cheaper inland,you know.

12.You micro-photograph everything - You obsessively document every single facet of the holiday so you can update your collection of social networking and facebook.We seriously doubt anyone care what the hotels showet tiles look like.

13.You beach read-come on!we both know you're never going to finish that novella you bring along for 'beach reading'

14.You buy ugly souvenirs,Why?? - We doubt anyone with taste is going to appreciate an oversize and out of shape t-shirt that reads-:(insert holiday vacation here.)

15.You do night market instead of nightlife - Just so you know checking out the local party scene is also the part of a holiday experience.

16.You're suddenly an early riser- We can understand you want to maximize your time on this trip making every minute count.But that doesn't mean rising at the crack of dawn in time to catch sunrise or a 6a.m tour bus .We need our beauty sleep too!

17.You over-plan ( think  Miranda in Sex and the City 1)-Having a plan is great but it's not a reason to go haywire just cos we're a nanosecond off schedule.Ever heard of going with a flow?

18.You diet.On the trip-You dieted to go holiday and then diet throughtout the holiday!It doesn;t help that you make us go on on this diet too.We're not afraid of carbs especially if they come in form of beer.

19.You don't let us keep the hotel toiletries-the hotel toiletries ARE for us.We're not stealing.If you don't want them,why can't we have them?It saves us toiletry shopping plus we're not fussy,so what if the hair conditioner doesn't have pro-vitamin whatever.

20.You don't drink during the day-The phrase 'you have one if you want' should be illegal.That,and 'don't you think you should stop now,we're going out later'.But it's fine for you to hit the cocktail and pass out by 5pm if you get chatting to a 'nice couple' by the pool,which is another thing..'

And here is 5 things men love :

`You get all frisky in the heat.Even in the sea.Ahh,bliss
`you can go for days without mentioning crap TV soaps.
`You are 90% of the time in your bikini.In facts,you don't pack your bra.
`We safely admire beautiful sunsets without having our sexuality questioned.
`We get to massage in your suncream.

Gen2 problem

Door lock problem
Pertama sekali,post ni bkn utk condemn proton ok..aku bangga dgn proton.Keta wira aku tu dah sepuluh tahun pakai masih ok dan tak banyak ragam pun.Tukar sikit-sikit spare part,tak penah buat top overhaul lagi tapi masih maintain dan boleh jalan jauh lagi,KL,Pahang tanpa banyak masalah biarpun tak jaga sangat..minyak pun save.Kereta kalau bkn utk race tp wat pi keja bg aku tak byk masalah..maintain jek.
Bagi aku senang maintain kereta tempatan,sparepart murah dan mekanik kg pun boleh repair.
Gen2 aku ni pun mantap lagi..stabil dan handling best.Dah 7tahun,yg first model tahun 2004.
Masalah door lock yang lain-lain masih boleh ok.Siapa kata kereta tempatan tak power dan banyak masalah?Honda,toyota yang dah lama gile establish pun boleh buat recall balik,inikan pulak proton.
Aku tetap sokong proton..patriotik sikit.
Pada pagi ni,keluar rumah mcm biasa,then terus start enjin kereta aku..terkejut beruknya aku bila kereta tak boleh start.Langsung tiada respon.Macam bateri kong.lampu pun tak menyala langsung.
Dah lah pagi tu my daughter exam.Aduh,kredit pulak run out.
Then,pegi kedai runcit kt umh,kaunter top-up tak buka lagi pulak...betul mencabar kesabaran diri ni..dalam hati mengutuk diri sendiri sebab tak standby kad top-up.
Akal dah mati...then nak tak nak kenalah fikir alternatif lain.Last-last,aku dengan muka tak malu mintak pinjam motor dari salesgirl kat kedai tu.Mungkin dia kesian...dia bagi aku kunci motor dan helmet.
Alhamdulillah.So terus pi hantar anak ke sekolah.Merempit dengan jayanya sepanjang highway..
Balik tu,terus  top-up dan mintak tolong orang jumper star kereta Gen2 aku tu.Diorang kata bateri cap longgar.
So,Terus drive ke bengkel,matikan enjin.Orang kata kalau bateri kong,tak boleh matikan enjin sebab nanti tak dapat start balik.Tapi elok pulak dia hidup bila aku matikan enjin  (tapi depan bengkel la..saja test power).Lepas tu terus buat servis kereta.Mekanik check bateri,masih elok lagi..
All the service,engine oil,filter oil,gearbox oil been done on the same day.Battery still ok,maybe the battery cap loose.I top up my power steering oil too.Servis+minyak enjin+filter+minyak gearbox (3 botol)+power steering oil semua sekali dlm RM200++ gak.Dah lupa.
Then a few days later,facing another problem.
The D gear are not pick up and loose when drive.Tengah drive tetiba enjin mati..kena ke tepi jln matikan enjin,tunggu kejap dan hidupkan balik.Pastu jadi balik.
Another car mechanic called,this time he checked  the engine with the electronic device and tuning the engine.Cost about RM50.
After the tuning,feel the car engine more pick up and smooth.
I wish in the meantime the car in a good condition.
This month a bit tough to my budget..

Gen2 oh Gen2..janganlah kau buat hal lagi..Body sume dah lawa...engine pun byk yg tukar spare part.
Kalau kena tukar gearbox,mau menangis aku..mahal wooo...
Tido malam pun tak lena fikir pasal keta.

Masalah Kereta Gen2  aku:
1.Kurang pick up untuk Auto tranmision.Sebab dah terbiasa bawa manual..bila bawa auto agak lembab sikit aku rasa..kadang tu tersengguk sengguk bila di laluan bumper dan trafic light.
2.Fuel cosumption.(ni yang eden tak gemor!!) Pada aku petrol memang kuat...meter fuel cepat je turun jarum nya..nasib lah.Tapi lepas servis..dah ok..minyak jimat.Gen2 auto jimat kalau drive highway..Sungai Petani-Seremban, tuang RM70 tak abis pun.
3.Steering mudah terkelupas-memang yang ni aku kena guna jugak.
4.Minyak hitam-aku tak guna fully sintetik.Guna Shell Helix biasa jer.Masa servis aritu tukar minyak enjin,oil filter,oil treatment semua pakej RM88.Then tukar Gearbox oil nasa Rm18/sebotol.Guna 3botol.
5.Alternator,mounting,gasket semua masih baru,malah tayar pun masih baru.
6.Rasanya masa kereta tak boleh start sebab cap bateri longgar sebab bila g kedai bateri dia check guna meter bateri tu,jarum menunjukkan angka hijau,maknanya bateri tu masih elok lagi.
7.Sejak gearbox aku macam pening,tgh drive tetiba loose gear D tu,aku pi check dgn proton device apatah nama yang boleh detect dan tuning sistem elektronik Gen2.Mula tu tak dapat detach..tapi tak taulah mekanik tu tuning mcmana tetiba jadi smooth pulak lepas tu.Hrp oklah...kena upah Rm50 untuk tuning tu..ceh aku ingat free jek..sebab setakat baca meter dan sistem dia.Rupanya mahal juga..kalau rm5 ke,Rm10 pun ok jgk..kiki sebab aku tengok kejap jer dia tuning and check.hampeh.
8.Kebaikan gen@ ni sebab body nya lawa,porty dan cun...Waja mcm keta orang tua sikit..tu sebab aku amik Gen2 walau orang kata Waja performance lagi mantap.
9.Aku juga telah tambah minyak power steering sebab dah sampai tahap minimum.Minyak brake aku mintak tolong mekanik check,dia kata penuh lagi.
10.Brake Gen2 aku asik bunyi menjerit dan kuat bila nak berhenti.Aku pi kedai buat.Dia buka tayar semua dan cuci brake disc.Sebab mula tu ingat brake pad haus rupanya masih tebal lagi.Lepas buat tu,dah tak berbunyi tapi masih ada lagi kadang-kadang tu.Pomen tu cakap sebab pasir..tembak air jer dah ok.Tapi aku tak buat lagi pun...nak cuci kereta pun malas.
11.Disebabkan aku sengsorang dengan anak2 sahaja maka terpaksalah aku lebih alert dengan keadaan Gen2 aku tu..nanti rosak susah pulak.Kena pi sendiri hantar kedai dan servis sendiri.Tapi kan Allah tu Maha Kaya sebab ada jer orang sudi tolong aku.
Masa aku servis aritu ada brader polis tu tolong tunggu kereta aku sampai siap dan dia tgk mekanik tu tukar semua.Lama pulak tu sampai 4jam sebab ingat nak buat alignment dan balancing tapi tak jadi sebab dah lewat.Then dia jugak bawak aku ke kedai spare part kereta dan rekomen bengkel yang ok.
Banyak jugak mekanik kereta bagi tip-tip penjagaan kereta kat aku.Antaranya:

i.Jangan pusing power steering sampai habis dan berbunyi 'kuk' sebab ia mempercepatkan kerosakan steering.
ii..Minyak petrol Petronas baik untuk pembakaran dan pembersihan enjin
iii.Sebelum matikan enjin kereta,tutup semua cd player dan air-cond kerana ia boleh memanjangkan hayat bateri.
vi.Rupanya baru aku tau,kereta auto hanya boleh jumper sahaja.Kereta manual boleh jumper dan tolak untuk menghidupkan enjin jika bateri kong.
Gen2 menggunakan bateri70..yg besar..masalah kereta aku menggunakan bateri 60 jadi agak kecil dan bateri bergerak kerana tak fit dengan tapak bateri.So kena pasang penambat bateri..
Enjin campro generasi 1st Gen2 lebih baik dari CPS dari segi maintenance.Sebab CPS lebih byk menggunakan sistem elektronik jadi bermasalah kepada mekanik yang tiada alat tersebut untuk kenalpasti kerosakan.Betul ker??

Yang lain-lain aku dah lupa..nanti kalau ingat aku update balik.Makcik dah tua...

Boleh tak buat mcm ni??mesti mekanik yang terbaikkkk datang tolong...

Hari ni 2/5/2011,Gen2 aku buat problem lagi...

Semalam semasa drive balik,dia buat hal lagi.
Semasa hujan yang lebat tu,gear D tetiba loose.Yang aku perasan bila lampu eksos menyala,mesti dia akan loose gear D tu.Dalam 7 kali juga aku kena berhenti di tepi highway.Matikan enjin,masukkan gear P.Then start balik dan masuk gear D.Ok la kejap pastu jadi balik.Tak faham aku...adoyai...
Dekat traffic light pulak tu...bahaya betul.
Takkan sebab aku tukar eksos standard dia jadi camtu?Sebelum ni eksos yang turbo bising tu..tapi aku tukar.Sebab pull attantion sangat,lagipun aku bukan nak race.
Then,masa drive tu aku speed 110/km kat highway elok pulak dia..smooth.Mangkuk betul.

Aku dah malas nak pi tengok kat bengkel.Buat masa skrg,aku guna jer dulu.Kalau dia buat hal aku guna teknik yang sama dulu,stop and restart.
Buat tuning guna elektronic device pun sama jugak,menghabiskan boreh jek.
Takpelah skrg aku tgk performance dia dulu.Fahami dulu perangai kereta aku.Pergi hantar bengkel,dia check dan tukar sana sini pun no point.
Malas dah aku,asik hantar bengkel jek tapi still menghadapi problem yang sama.
Aku tunggu sampai memang tak boleh jalan ,bila dah teruk sangat baru aku pi hantar.Sebab kalau rosak sikit mungkin mekanik pun tak dapat detach lagi (boleh guna tak alasan ni??).

Hari ni,15 May 2011,Gen2 aku masih menghadapi problem yang sama.
Gear D loose tetiba semasa tengah drive.Tapi aku buat bodoh jek,sebab ada yang kata injection,ada yang kata kabel minyak tak sampai.
Aku guna jer la dulu lagipun aku bukan dok KL yang kereta banyak.Dok kat area border ni rilek jer,masih boleh bersabar dengan kereta yang kronik tu.
Apapun bagi aku,handling Gen2 memang mantap dan best.Tentulah berbeza dengan Kancil.Myvi.Wira,Waja dan setara dengannya.Kt highway speed 160/170 perkm pun stabil dan mantop lagik...

So,dh sebulan Gen2 aku problem.Dah hantar pi Proton Servis.Mekanik dah check dgn electronic device,dia kata takder problem apa.Then,dia buat centre lock,kena RM90.Siap service caj and gov tax sume Rm157.00.Cekik darah!!tu baru buat centre lock.Sebab pintu dah takleh buka dari luar di bahagian penumpang.Orang proton ckp,Gen2 takleh kunci manual kena guna alarm jgk..selama ni aku guna manual jek sb alarm macam problem.Aku buat tu kejap je dah rosak balik..huh
Dah kurang prob gear loose tu..dah proton pun takleh detach problem tu dan mekanik kata keta ok,takder problem.So,pakai je la kan..

Recently gen2 aku dah ok,lepas hantar proton utk betulkan centre lock dan check electronik..nasib baik bkn gearbox.Mungkin gen2 tu saja nak testing aku g Melaka baru ni pun takder masalah.

Jan 2012:Aku balik Seremban aritu..saja survey kat kedai potong area seremban yg byk2 tu..bestnya area tu..sng kalau nk cr sparepart.proton servis pn ada..Nk buat alarm sb pintu problem,takleh buka dari dalam(drivers door).Proton caj RM2k.So pi buat kedai biasa,kena RM500.Alarm dan pintu dah ok skrg.Bateri baru tukar,yokohama kering RM190,N60.mahainya..rasa mcm je br beli harga bateri RM150 years ago.

Dulu masa nk amik gen2 ni,puas survey nk tgk review dan byk yg negatif.Aku beli secondhand,thn 2004 kenalah hati2.Jadi byk komen yg kutuk keta proton ni.Tp aku tak kira,amik jugak sb sporty,paling penting sparepart senang cari dan semua mekanik boleh bikin.Tapi percayalah..keta gen2 ni tak teruk mana pun yg diwar-warkn tu..enjin steady je.Kerosakan yang ada sikit-sikit je,takdelah sampai tersadai kat umah mcm insan-insan yg pakai keta sejuk yg takde bajet nk repair.(chevy,kia,conti dll).
Pengalaman,boleh survey dan baca kutukan tapi bila dah pakai baru tau semua yg buruk tu taklah benar 100%. Sb biasalah akn ada insan2 yg suka tambah benda2 kecik dan boleh pengaruh org jgn beli.Overall lepas amik gen2 secondhand ni,aku servis dan tukar sikit2 tak sampai pun 2k drive merata dh..alhamdulillah dpt keta 2nd yg mantap.Moral of story for Secondhand car better beli keta malaysia-lasak,sparepart senang/harga ok dan malam pun tido lena.Percayalah sedikit benda negatif orang akan sebarkan seribu kali tp g positif orang takkan puji.Sian proton.
But ni utk yg bajet nyawa2 ikan cam aku la..yg ada duit lebih sila beli keta import.tak perlu kutuk keta proton bagai kalau dah mental set 'proton car is disaster'.Tgk org len pakai chevy dan KIA lagi seksa...better proton.Hidup Proton.

Resepi simple Kek biskut Meri/Kek Batik coklat dan Mi Suah Noodle Soup Recipes

Ni la resepi yang paling simple aku buat petang tadi..tapi sedap dan anak-anak pun suka.(bila lg nak puji diri sendiri)

yang ni menggunakan semua biskut marie perisa coklat,warna dah jadi cam naomi campell dah
Kek Batik Coklat

Yg ni kek biskut marie yang aku campur perisa coklat dan original.Petua:jgn guna yg original shj kerana warna akan jadi pucat dan kalau campur yg perisa coklat shj pun color tak best.jd campurkan kedua2 perisa.rasa coklat pun kawww...warna pun menarik


1 paket biskut meri perisa coklat/original dicampurkan - di patah-patahkan
3 senduk planta atau marjerin
1/2 tin susu pekat
3 senduk milo/coco powder
Setengah cawan air 


1.Panaskan periuk,Masukkan marjerin dan cairkan
2.Tambah susu pekat.Dan air.Pastikan api sederhana kuat untuk mengelakkan hangit.
3.Tambahkan milo dan kacau sebati.
4.Masukkan biskut yang telah di patah-patahkan.Gaul sebati.(lebih kurang 5 minit)
5.Setelah agak lembut,angkat dan tuang ke dalam loyang.
6.Tekan dengan senduk dan ratakan adunan.Taburkan serbuk milo diatasnya.
7.Sejukkan dan simpan dalam peti sejuk.
8.Setelah 3 jam boleh di potong dan dihidangkan

Boleh menggunakan dua jenis perisa biskut-original dan coklat.
Tapi kalau guna perisa coklat sahaja,warnanya memang tak begitu menyerlah seperti yang menggunakan biskut meri biasa/warna putih.Guna kedua-dua perisa untuk tampil menarik dan rasa yang umpph.
Dan lagi aku tak susun begitu cantik dan kemas sebab masuk sekali dan kacau dalam kuali/periuk.
Tak perlulah nak letak telur dan bagai...yang ni pun dah sedap dan simple.Tak sampai 15 minit nak membuatnya.

Mi Suah Noodle Soup Recipe

2 bunch of Mi Suah Noodles-wash and toss
1 piece chicken drumstick-cut into small
3 clove of garlic-slice thinly
200 gm broccoli-cut into pieces
150gm cauliflower-cut into pices
200 gm assorted fishball
100 gm of mustard leaf
1 nos of tomato-cut into piece
Garnish-celery and spring onion cut into pieces
1 tsp cooking oil
3 cup water
SEasoning-salt and white pepper
No need to put the salt much as the noodle itself are salty

1.Heat the pot and put some oil
2.Add garlic.Put chicken pieces and fry for a while.
3.Pour plain water and boil.
4.Add in mi suah noodle.Put in fish cake.Season to taste.
5.Add in vegetables and taste.Adjust.
6.Serve 2 person.

You may add carrot,prawn,squid,fish flesh,beef or crabmeat stick.
The taste is light and clear.Nice meal over dinner.

why I hate my job;;

Lately i begun to hate my jobs.Get stress over it,and can't ease my my mind when i'm home.

1.I don't know the rules-the office political.still have to adapt the situation.

2.I don't know the meeting rules-do and don't s-main issue here.
fcuk and fcuk up.There so much rules here.If you honest enough then,get yourself prepare to be condemn and storm out.Don't try to show yourself here.Then sometimes I revealed my non-wise info to the board,of coz when so much stress from the chairman.
If you continue with your info,the chairman will cut you out and you loose your presentation.bullshit.
I hate been in meeting and hate to report coz somehow I will get condemn either.And after the meeting even when I'm home I still can't get over the meeting paranoid in a week.fcuk.Frankly speaking,before join the firm,i had attended sooo many meeting and never been like this before.So much protocol and like one way communication.Never had a meeting paraniod previously.Then,we weremeeting when new project coming or update of the company.It normally take place about 3 or five times a month.But now??a 3 or 4 a week!! was me who need to adjust and adapt the new workplace culture.
So much to learn the etiquette and the rules.

3.Because i'm stupid.I think I am not that stupid before join this team but now i begun to question myself.
Am I qualified enough to be here?My self esteem sooner or later will gettting low, lower and dissapear.
I am doing good in my workplace but maybe the lack is the comunication skill.

4.I hate myself when I get condemn and when get critic in meeting.Somehow I will blame myself and confused

5.My ear.Have some problem with the multiple conversation.not clear.need to loud.Or am I a slower person.
I am begun to destroyed my myself here and inside.

Ohh why oh much to adapt and so much they expect me to penetrate their workplace culture.

Now I am getting phobia to attend the meeting.Maybe I shouldn't be here.
I rest my case.
Drive myself crazy thinking of the meeting and gathering

Additional info from my lower point of my life..

Over and Out:
You know your relationship is past its use by date when:

`make excuse for why he can't come over because you'd rather curl up with good movies on Dvd
`feel embarrased,annoyed,insecure or just plain bored in his company
`struggle to find things to talk about over dinner`
`start screening your calls because you just don;t feel like talking to him (I do all the time)
`Find yourself constantly bitching to your girlfriends about him
`Realise that being around him lowers your mood/self esteem/enjoyment of going out
`Discover that the more you get to know him the less you like him
`Spend every waking moment feeling totally insecure about how h feels about you,whether you can trust him and whether you're good enough for him
`Want to change everything about him,from his clothes to the way he slups his coffee
`don't want to come out with your friend if he's coming because he's always say something cringeful and cling to you like pathetic puppy..


then..the feeling...

the confusion


baik dok kt gua..anti social behaviour

Rasanya aku ni elok dok bermastautin dalam hutan atau gua...

Can be describe as anti social,loveeee my privacy so much,
:asocial and antisocial are often used interchangeably in colloquial speech, but they are not the same thing; asocial means "avoidant of society" while antisocial means "hostile toward society".

1.Unwilling or unable to associate normally with other people
2.antagonistic, hostile, or unfriendly toward others; menacing
3.Opposed to social order or the principles of society; hostile toward society
I am social season..only during festive season I am social expert...the skills is not to be waste for daily routine.

1.Aku tak suka jawap tepon..tambah lagi num yang aku tak familiar.Kadang-kadang ntah sapa tah  yg try caring pun aku lyn kejap pastu aku dh malas nak jwp tepon dia.Yang aku musykil tu kenapalah bila aku tak jawap tepon dia pulak nak naik angin dengan aku.Marah aku pulak sb tak angkat tepon dan tak layan dia..dh tak pasal2 aku kena dengar nag dia..WTH??.Salah aku juga bagi num hp kt org psiko.Suka hati aku la nak jawap hp ke tak kan?Kadang-kadang (selalunya) aku malas nak jwp tepon,malas nk sembang ntah apa-apa sebab aku byk keja lain atau..aku suka bermalasan sambil tgk Adam Richman atau...Emmanuel Belliveau

2.Aku tak suka jwp msg hp org yang TAK PENTING.Malas aku nk jwp msg berikut:
'sihat?dh mkn?'
Aku selalu ignore jer msg-msg yang aku rasa tak perlu jwb.Dan perangai buruk aku,sekali org tak jwp msg aku aku akan balas dendam dgn tak jwb msg dia sampai aku perlukan dia nanti.

3.Lately aku tak suka nak log in facebook.Dan aku tak suka menwar-warkan aku buat apa kat fb..(ye..ngaku mula-mula dulu obses gak dgn fb tetapi mintak maap skrg ni aku rasa fb patut diharamkan di Malaysia macam kt China.)
Lemas jgk dgn perangai manusia2 di fb yang konon nak tunjuk best.Aduhhhh...hoho aku dah delete akaun aku di fb..fb actually annoying when small thing turn out a disaster.Biarpun kengkawan atau secret admirer tanya (perasan nak mampus) nak add fb..ohoho maaf yer..fb adalah memporakperandakan hidupku dgn tah pape maklumat yg perlu.dan kawan-kawan lama...dulu berlagak kat sekolah dgn kita sebab kita selekeh tetiba jumpa kat fb cam dulu dia best fren.hipokrit,tak ikhlas pun nak kwn.Yg penting takperlu jumpa bf-bf lama yg kita dah

4.Aku tak suka nak bermasyarakat sangat.kaum keluarga tu aku tak suka expectation dari org lain.Contoh keluar U mesti keje best.,kete best dan bla..bla..then they look at you,treat you like they did ten years ago..esp from your hometown.Hello,zaman dulu you can mess with me but  if you do now,you better prepare to talk like i never met you.

5.Love my privacy,like to be alone,macam orang gila.Frankly, aku tak suka diganggu bila kt umh.
Believe me when I say-no news is a good news

Selalu kena attend dinner,but..
demi tugas dan tanggungjawap..aku gagahi jua..main problem is..lefthanded would feel awkward on dinner table.setting are design for righthanded.
Ni la masalah orang kidal...nak guna apa benda pun agak susah sebab kebanyakan tool di reka untuk golongan right-handed.Even kerongsang pun aku payah nak guna.

As professor Santiago explains, "a left-handed person has often the feeling of having been born in a wrong world. From scissors to computer keyboards designs, everything is projected for right-handers. The fact that left-handed people are able to adapt quite well to these manual controls that are contrary to their nature, indicates a first interesting fact that it is often overlooked: undoubtedly, there is a difference in motor ability between the dominant and the non-dominant hand, but it is far from being a great difference."


Alhamdulillah..terlalu banyak yg aku telah nikmati..

1.Kesihatan yang baik dan tubuh yang elok..tiada kecacatan
2.Kejaya dan rezeki yang halal dan bersih..tak perlu nak buat jahat utk mendapatkan rezeki
3.Kemudahan dan kesengan dalam hidup..tak seperti sesetengah wanita- wanita  yg ditindas dan menjadi hamba keluarga mertua dan suami..
4.Kebebasan pemikiran dan kebebasan fizikal..tidak pernah ke penjara atau di kongkong di mana jua..hatta dirumah sendiri ada yg terpenjara oleh keluarga..mungkin sb dh tiada mak ayah..jd tiada expectation
5.Anak-anak yang comel dan sihat pengubat hati..thanks Allah.
6.Diriku adalah diriku jua..bkn sesiapa yg kau ingin aku jadi..inilah kebenaran terhebat dlm pemikiran seseorang insan tetapi masih tertakluk pada keizinan NYA jua...

Thanks for the air that I breath..

The blue sky and the twinkle star when I look up

The loveliness inside me...

The abundance of love and joy in my life..

                           The smile and crying on my lovely daughter expression ..

                                 The rules dos and don'ts surround me...

the trees along the way..

                                and everything I had endured along the path in  my days and life..


Kereta ni dh byk jasa pdku..sejak 2007 lagi aku guna...tak byk ragam..

Tapi memandangkan aku kena bg balik pd tuannya..aku kenalah beli keta len utk bergerak..jd aku beli la kereta secondhand yg baru.
Alhamdulillah impian nak memiliki kereta sendiri tercapai juga akhirnya..alhamdulillah..aku bukanlah org yg di lahirkan dlm dulang emas..aku kena bersusah payah utk bina hidup sendiri dan bg aku ini adalah yg membanggakan sebab aku pun perlu tgk komitmen pada anak-anak dan loan lain yg kena di bayar.Dh lama ni barulah dpt tmbh loan kereta sendiri pulak..

Walaupun kereta ku tu secondhand jer..bkn Audi Q5 mcm  yang Awal hadiahkan pd Scha tetapi lubang hidungku tetap kembang jgk sb menggunakan duit sendiri dan di atas nama sendiri.Puas hati...

Ni la kereta idamanku..yg biasa-biasa jer..Gen2 color Grey..

Sebab aku suka kereta ni kerana ianya sporty dan bontot pendek jer.
Aku tak suke keta bontot panjang sb aku teramat lemah bab parking ni...tambah lg bila nak reverse menreverse.
Pernah sekali langgar keta Kancil masa reverse waktu parking..huh siap lelaki  tu mengamuk nak amik parang padahal keta takder effect apapun sb aku reverse slow jek.
Tp sebab panas baran dia tahap gaban,dia siap nak parangkan aku.Peristiwa tu berlaku kat kawasan taman perumahan.
Aku dengan baik hatinya offer nak tanggung kos kancil tu mana yang kemek (hakikatnya takder apapun yg kemek dan rosak) tapi dia dah marah-marah..mau dekat sejam jgk aku pujuk dia.Slow talk dan kalau dia nak claim insuran aku dgn rela hati nak pi buat report polis..rupanya dengar perkataan 'balai polis'  lagi la dia mengamuk... sebab penah kena warning dengan polis dulu sebab kes pukul org..haha..
Terkeluar tajuk pulak ni....
wahai kereta baru ku..semoga tak byk ragam..dan senang maintain.

bad day

Today is like kind of bad day..I suppose to give a speech for a closing ceremony and they asked in last minute anyway.I hadn;t prepared though..there you go..what a speech i had murmured.Then came along with a stupid story of a cracked pot.Have heard that story?F..F..F#@^..
Feeling so down after that speech,i'm not at my best.
Don;t know bout the reaction but itsn't a clear story to be told to.Geezzz...

It's been a poison to my confident level and feel so stupid..
I'm a kind of nervous disorder in public speaking and why should I apply a job that require so much dealing with the function anyway?
That's have been a day i'm need to launch a program..sigh..not a credit though.

La di da di da...