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So long..starting new life in north peninsular Malaysia

It's been so long since my last entry.
I have started my new job,moving to Bukit Kayu Hitam town and try to live slow and smooth.
It just take me about 20 minutes from my home to the office and driving in the highway road without a toll.
The life here most like rural folks,and mostly the people here are origin from the village,and the only reason the outsider moving in because they are goverment servant like myself either as a teacher,army,custom dept or fire bridged.
I had promise to dedicated my full page of Bukit Kayu Hitam,well hopefully this will be help for those who want to move here or to searching for info here.
My entry is not coverage all the BKH (Bukit Kayu Hitam) ..its cover my home area.
Before reaching to the immigrant office and to the borders check point,there were the junction at the end of the highway.So the are population of most of the goverment servant.There also a clinic,post office,small shop lot,housing area and school.I wondered how the place look like be…

Seksa gile nk cr info psl area Bukit Kayu Hitam ni..

Since I will be moving to the Bukit Kayu Hitam area end of this month,I try to search as much as the info as I that much info except this town is a Malaysia-Thailand border and duty-free centre.
Gosh..susahnya nk dpt info psl BKH ni..Xperrrr..nnti aku dh pi sana,aku akn dedicated satu blog pasal BKH ni.Aku nk survey sb nk tau any easy acess yg aku boleh dpt kt sana sb aku kn pindah dgn ank2,jd nk taulah ada pasaraya ker,salon rambut ker,kedai buku ker...Wait till I reside there,then I will create and dedicate a full page story of the Bukit Kayu Hitam town area,hows the day of their resident and how is the feeling here to be surround by the hill and tropical rain forest.
I believe many of us who want to move here,whether due to appointed as a civil servant or doing some errands to cover the Bukit Kayu Hitam area will try to obtain as much as the info of BKH to be prepare.

 This pic I obtain from the internet but its seem that only this can related to BKH.

Zaman dulu-dlu....

Dulu zaman dok kt kg...kenangan umur 8,9,10 tahun asyik dok main keliling kg mengalahkan budak2 lelaki..main senapang,polis sentri,congkak,jengket (yg kaki sebelah tu..kedah panggil main jengket),main tanah buat kek dlm tempurung..bestnya!!
Yg sadis tu.. apa yg kitorg wat kt tok nek,org tua dkt umh aku,dh tua dan dok sorg2.Kami bg kek yg kami buat dari tanah (tanah campur air pastu jemur,kira jd kek tanah,cantik pulak tu) ,pastu letak dlm daun pisang,last sekali suruh salah sorg geng yg dipercayai tok nek tu (sb mak dia selalu suruh dia hantar lauk kt tok nek tu) utk hntar kek tanah tu.PEhh punyalah suka org tua tu dpt kek..tgk2 tanah!jahat sungguh masa tu, tak termasuk lg curi tebu dan jambu batu kt kebun org..Siap ada geng 5 sekawan a.k.a SHAN..haha...Mandi sungai pn sama-sama bogel sampai kena kejar org yg'otak tak centre' masa tu main dlm hutan,tak ada sapa pn nk kacau,tak ada kes rogol+bunuh budak mcm skrg..baik org2 dulu..jahat2 budak bujang kt kg aku dulupn, abis k…

The few lasts day in penang...

This is a route I used everyday to travel to work. ...I have to cross the bridge and travel about 50km to my motorcycle.Sometimes I would drive.The bridge is about 13km long..its takes me about 10minutes on the bridge to reach to the island.
Since this picture is taken during riding a motorcycle,its just cover a view from the side of the bridge.
The small island before the Penang island is a Jerejak Island,is used to be prisoner place last the island has been develop as a Jerejak Resort and Spa.To reach there,you need to take a boat from the jetty in Bayan Lepas near the Marine Centre.

The picture below is a scenery of the mini penang bridge,which is my route to my home every day from my office after depart from the ferry.On the way back,I took ferry to save some gas.I pass by Butterworth,the take the flyover to the Prai.The hill up the front is a Bukit Mertajam Hill.I used to hiking there.

Bukit Mertajam Hill or some call it Cherok Tok Kun recreational area is o…


My recent days is filling up with an obsession of home decor.I surf through internet,in every words types from english decor to stepford wives decor.I love the Stepford wives movies,first of all for the set-up interior decoration in the Joanna/Walter home.
I truly enjoyed the decor and my daughter will shout ';oh no the same movies again!'..haha..

The picture below is not from the movies but since I love the view so much,better I put in my blog so I don't have to surf again to enjoy the picture..

It's my dream home actually..somekind like this..a greeny view from the kitchen window,kind of fresh start every morning.Hopefully someday I am able to own a decent home.