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Wordless Wed-Inception Quotes

The best quotes in the movie 'Inception' can bring some scary ideas to the world. We all know how real our   dreams   can feel at times. Sometimes you can wake up and be freaked out by the real life feel of your dreams. What if you could control your dreams? What if somebody else could control your dreams without you even knowing? Here are the top ten 'Inception' quotes: 1.Isn't this the truth? ~Cobb : Dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange. 2.' Inception ' brings to light a scary concept   ~Cobb : I can access your mind through your dreams. 3.If a dream feels real, then how real does a dream feel after you think you have already waken up from a dream? What if it keeps happening? ~Yusuf : That many dreams within dreams is too unstable! 4.Think positive ~Cobb : I think positive emotion trumps negative emotion every time. 5.Letting go of our loved ones that

Easiest Kiddies spaghetti -step by step

This is not an authentic Italian pasta.Made and design to cater the meals for kids,they preferred the sauce to be thin and light.More soupy I must say. Suitable for birthday party and family gathering. heat the butter saute dice onion,garlic and dice carrot add pieces of chicken meat or beef and basil pour prego tomato basil sauce(canned) in pan.add some water meanwhile boil the pasta to al dante.toss with some oil reduce the sauce,season and taste place pasta in plate and pour the sauce.ready to served you can add chicken meat,seafood and vegetables. I also made some trifel..this the easiest way to prepared.Just layer some sponge cake(choc is the best),the layer with custard sauce.Cool for a while and top with jelly and dice fruits. ugliest trifel ever made.

Andrea Casiraghi

If you watched the royal wedding between Prince Albert and Princess Charlene the other day, then you saw Andrea Casiraghi , the dashing royal who also happens to be heir to an Italian oil fortune. Though he doesn't carry a title, Andrea has already projected the glamorous image of a 21st century prince. He inherited the dashing good looks of his Italian businessman father Stefano Casiraghi, who died in a tragic speed boat accident in 1990. Andrea, the eldest of Stefano's three children with Princess Caroline, was just six years old at the time. Born on June 8, 1984 in Monte Carlo, Andrea, along with younger siblings Charlotte and Pierre, grew up in his family's country estate in Saint Remy de Provence, far from the glamour of Monaco where his grandfather reigned. Highly regarded for his skills as a skier, rider, footballer and long distance runner while at secondary school in Paris, he speaks French and English as well as some German and Italian. Growing up mostl