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How to further your study when you have a rusty mind? But you got to. Perlu ada passion dalam hidup, something yang sentiasa menyibukkan, dan masa untuk diri sendiri. Kengkonon, passion apakah? travel?hobbies like cooking,baking and gardening? doesn't sound interesting to me except travelling. Ok,what bout blogging? is that blogging is for a lonely people?show-off person to brag? or contribute to internet society? Kenapakah ko perlu negatif? dalam usia tua-tua ni,tak perlulah fikir banyak sangat.Happy kan diri dan pergi jalan-jalan,tak payah fikir kenapalah anak dan menantu aku tak balik bulan ni? Biarkan mereka jalani hidup mereka dan kita jalani hidup kita sepenuhnya. Cakap macam orang tua umo 50 tahun. Atau pun sambung belajar dikala senja macam aku! perlukah aku makan semua supplement ni utk buang karat si otakku? There will be long journey for 1,825 days (if not repeat paper,hehe) to claim myself as a student. A good excuse to avoid all the invitation indeed (al

Cheap Travel vs. Budget Travel: There’s a Difference-Bootsnall articles

By Adam Seper   |   February 27th, 2014   |   “Pssht, I only spent $8 a day when I was in India.” “I traveled the world for a year, and I only spent $6000.” “Dude, you spent waaaay too much on that.” “Brah, I spent half that during my time in Thailand.” “How did you spend that much in Southeast Asia?” We’ve all heard the comments. We’ve all had these conversations with the headier than thou backpackers who wax poetic about how little money they have spent on their trips. We see them comment on Facebook or Twitter or in the comment sections of articles. You know the ones. Those travelers who clearly think they’re better than you because they spent the least amount of money out of everyone else in the room. What type of traveler are you? We published an article a few years back chronicling the The Real Costs of RTW Travel , where we highlighted 11 trips and what people spent on those trips. I was kind of surprised at the comments. There were lots