Hang On To your dreams..even if it take a 33 years..

Everybody has a dream. I would like to be a jazz singer or just finish a book (I am on year 11, regarding the latter). Diana Nyad wants to swim from Key West, Florida, to Cuba—a trip that will take 60 hours in the open ocean. Along the way, The New York Times reported, she will "most likely hallucinate and endure the stings of countless jellyfish," and "sea salt will swell her tongue to cartoonish proportions and rub her skin raw."

But what we love is that Nyad has tried this trip before—and failed at age 28. Back in 1978, due to stormy weather, she had to give up the dream after 50 miles. She also used a shark cage for protection. Thirty-three years later, she's not only upping the ante by losing the cage, she also told The Times, "Physically, I am much stronger than I was before. I feel strong, powerful, and endurance-wise, I'm fit."

Then there are the money issues. She has $350,000. She needs a half million. She says, "If I wind up $150,000 in debt, I won't lose sleep over it."

Add to these issues the mental challenges. Swimming for long times, totally alone, in the sea, can get, well, depressing, boring, painful and exhausting. Nyad's response? She sings a song with a beat that matches her stroke. Her favorite is "Ticket to Ride."

If you, like me, are wondering at this point what makes this woman so unwavering, driven and optimistic, if you are thinking, "Hey, why am I not like this? Do you have to be born like this?" do not fear or beat yourself up. There's a more nuanced reason for Nyad's belief in her dream. She took on this swim of a lifetime because she was upset about turning 60—and she needed to turn those feelings around.
"This is what I need to remedy my malaise," Nyad says. "There is no thinking about regrets or what will I do with the rest of my life. I'm immersed in the everyday, full tilt. It's so energizing."

Just a quick reminder to ourselves: Real triumph doesn't come from victory or defeat. It comes from what you do after you've experienced both!

Entry tah pape

Dalam 2-3 ari ni aku busy baca blog orang..bestnya tgk org kita dok German dan married a Germany (betoi kah ayat ni..ahh gasaklah) dan yg stay and living in Europe....tu yang tak sabaq nak pi Europe tu...
Dalam minggu ni gak mcm2 hal yang berlaku..:

1.Aku terlibat dalam arahan pertukaran dalaman..huh pindah opis lagi nampaknya...harus kena amik pic work station untuk buat kenangan niii..

2.Angin ribut melanda..sebab masa drive tu ada orang yang tak undang2 jalanraya menhangitkan hatiku..siap aku sound suh dia berenti tepi jalan dan bagi lecture pasal dia tak berenti kt simpang..dia jwb sb takder pun signage BERHENTI kat simpang tu..mangkuk tul.Aku jwb "klu drive,pi lah mana2 tempat kt dunia ni klu dkt simpang org tetap  berhenti jgk walau takder signage'.
Aku yg jalan straight kena berenti dan brek mengejut,jadi hangin la...lepas kejadian tu aku letak siap2 kayu panjang sekaki dalam keta aku.Sape cari pasal aku bantai cermin keta dia..(cess jadi samseng jalanan pulak..)
Kes kedua ada sorg makcik peruncit ni kurang ajar dgn aku.Tp sb dia org tua,aku diam je la..walau hati aku sakit dan rasa nak lecture dia.Patut orang tua yg tunjukkan contoh yg baik pd kita..ni klu org tua kurang asam,jgn salahkan org muda plak yer..org selalunya pelanggan di layan dgn mesra..ni tak.
Mentang2 la kt hutan ni tak byk kedai,kedai dia je ada dia berlagak pulak.

3.Aku malas dan malas nak layan sesapa kecuali anak aku.Aku mls nak msg sesapa even ayah diorg sekalipun.Call pun aku mls jwb.

4.Resepi puding coklat yg aku buat dan amik resepi dari internet tak jadi dan tak sedap!!
Hampeh...tgk pic mcm best tapi penat tau aku dok gigih buat kt kitchen dan beli barang bagai...
Rasa tepung berkeladak dan mcm kuih kasui pun ado..grrr

5.Perhimpunan BERSIH kt KL pd 9 Julai 2011.Kecoh isu ni tp aku mls nak amik pot.Aku hidup dgn aman..yg diorg ni nk kecoh2 apahal?
Bikin rosak reputasi Malaysia jek...

My workstation..tempat aku busy berblogging,kui kuii tapi keje tetap marvellous tau..

Anak-anaklak rindu nk mkn KFC kt sini tapi takde pun lagi KFC kt sini..yg ni kt Jusco Perda Seberang Prai City..pic lama.Sejak dok sini ank aku jadi alim,dh takmau pkai skirt lagi..dulu sek convent..kt bandar..skrg dok kt area kg.asik pakai tudung jek

Siap ada butterfly wing lagi dia pkai,konon cam angel gituu
sekarang dia dah takmo pkai baju sexy mcm ni,pening aku.Sb baju dia byk yg sexy aku beli.
Ayooo ini dah terkeluar tajuk daa..

Activity on Saturday

1.Having breakfast-homemade plate of hearty meal..

2.Playing on the field..it's a beautiful day with a blue sky,cumulus cloudscape and greeny field and tree around..with a gentle breeze.

backgroud-golf course 17 holes

Lonely field...

clear and Blue sky..

lonely tree

3.Lunch...fast and simple meal.
Vege of the day-fried spicy okra and pak choy with tofu

White rice served with vege and soy chicken

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4.Teabreak-Chicken sandwich..eat,eat and eat for the whole day..

Boredom land

This month -no entry which to explain  that..my mind had been freeze and dwell in a land of boredom.
Tengah stuck giler..and tiada inspirasi langsung.
Macamana nak increase traffic flow kalau gini la gayanya...
Boredom is an emotional state experienced when an individual is without any work or is not interested in their surroundings. The first recorded use of the word boredom is in the novel Bleak House by Charles Dickens, written in 1852,[1] in which it appears six times, although the expression to be a bore had been used in the sense of "to be tiresome or dull" since 1768.[2] The French term for boredom, ennui, is sometimes used in English as well.
In Chapter 18 of the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde (1854–1900), the character Lord Henry Wotton says to a young Dorian Gray: "The only horrible thing in the world is ennui, Dorian. That is the one sin for which there is no forgiveness."
(Wikipedia sources)

What is the best way to kill boredom at work?
Tips from the internet users..

1.Best answer = Go to the toilet at your work and have a ****. Trust me, kills time, plus you'll be fresh for the day

2.go to wikipedia
-go to brainlesstales.com
-go to engrish.com
-shop online for the next birthday of a loved one
-think of something you need and price it online to see who has the cheapest one
-pay your bills
-call your mom or other loved one to say hi
-come up with a ten question quiz and send it to your friends, title it "10 just for fun.google a phrase that -applies to you and see what comes up; for example if you are say 28 type in "men under 30 should never" and then hit search, its super interesting what you can find that way

3.Just accept your boredom and let it pass. Just a momentary emotion moments come and go, be thankful for the bored moments, means your not rushed off your feet, when I am busy I would kill for a moment to be bored.
4.I'd typically use a knife or some other sharp object. Boredom is surprisingly good at dodging bullets and the like

5.That's easy. Play Pokemon TCG online!

6.Oh in that case flash games are great as is Lifehacker etc.
If you're stuck doing a repetitive monotonous job like data entry or picking fruit in a field pretend you're playing a game and you'll get a high score. If you're watching security cameras pretend random things (like giant pink monsters) are following the people.

7.How about...doing your job!

~I made a choice to finally let go because I can't take pain its time for my last tear to fall and smile again..

~Relationships are like glass sometimes its better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together