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Can you survive with RM50 for a week?

Yes, it's my new determination. I don't want to draw my saving and don't want to use my ATM card too. The challenge will start next week, only RM50 a whole week of 5 days of my working days. I live about 4 km from workplace and need gas too.My gas will be RM30, then the balance only RM20. My plan is to fasting on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. There will be no more goodies buying for my kids. I will cook for the meal (the groceries still left for a week meal). I had been fasting for most of my weekdays recently and I can see a huge difference. I feel not tend to buy junk food and unnecessary stuff. Here's some comment and like to post here for my own motivation. Most is a funny comments: ~I had tried to survive with RM100 per week. Life suck. ~This is one of the way that you can survive. 1. Breakfast - oat meal. (RM1. or less) 2. Lunch - Any meal around RM 4. 3. Dinner - eat salad, or boil potato with baked Bean or Tuna (RM 2) a day = RM 7/- * 7 RM

Bantahan Terhadap Penyiaran Drama Bersiri Nora Elena

Saja aku copy paste email ni... The cast in the drama.. Nowa, Kakitangan Kajaan, Putrajaya TV3 Sri Pentas, No 3, Persiaran Bandar Utama Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya Tuan, Per : Bantahan Terhadap Penyiaran Drama Bersiri Nora Elena Adalah dengan hormatnya saya merujuk kepada perkara di atas dan drama bersiri Nora Elena adalah berkaitan. 2. Dimaklumkan, bahawa saya, Nowa dengan ini membantah penyiaran drama bersiri Nora Elena yang disiarkan setiap hari, jam 7 petang di saluran tuan. Antara sebab sebab pembantahan saya adalah seperti berikut. i) Membuatkan jiwa isteri isteri terganggu. Mana ada suami gitu sabo dalam dunia ini? Logik tak bila Nora tanya Seth, asal Seth tak penah marah dengan apa saja perbuatan Nora? Seth jawab, sebab Seth terlalu sayangkan Nora. Jadi kesimpulan, isteri-isteri mula curiga dengan suami mereka yang sepanjang masa marah marah. Ni laki aku sayang ke tak ni? ii) Jiwa jiwa suami juga turut terganggu. Ini kerana, apa bila tiba scene scen

Nate Berkus's Chicago Home

Nate Berkus's dogs, Henry and Emma, meet us at the door. "I live in a beautiful vintage building that was built in the heart of downtown Chicago," Nate says. "Do not be surprised by the lack of color in this place. I like to keep things really simple." Nate's living room is a good example of what his design style is all about. "Everywhere in my house are these little things that have meanings and make me think of great memories." Nate found the pair of gold and green chairs in a flea market in New York.     After Nate helped a widow incorporate memories of her late husband in a new room incorporate memories of her late husband into a new room—including a feather that she said had personal meaning—he realized everyone has a "feather" of their own. This is the most important thing in Nate's house. "Everyone always asks themselves, 'What would you grab in a fire?' For me, my dogs and then this, which is a woven photo

10 Pieces of Advice to Get You Through a Terrible Day

By Lisa Kogan In the past ten years I have survived an asymmetrical bob, a high-risk pregnancy, a malignant melanoma, a sneak preview of Shutter Island, and diabetes. I've watched someone I love die of AIDS and someone I most definitely do not love sit in the White House. I have become acutely aware of the fact that bad guys often win and nice guys sometimes finish last and the karmic wheel takes its sweet time to spin around and set things right. My rent has been raised, my enthusiasm has been curbed, my kid has been bullied, and I can't find a pair of silver sandals to save my soul. But here's what I've figured out about putting one unsandaled foot in front of the other and trying to move forward in the midst of sorrow and chaos: 1. People have vast reservoirs of tenacity and resilience . All those days and nights that I was so sure I couldn't get through have come and gone. I'm still here and so, my friend, are you! It turns out we can only eat chicken p

no entry

Bulan ni satu apa entry pun aku tak create lg.Sebab..lappy aku rosak dan takkan aku nak jadi penulis blog di ofis?Tak ke haru kalau ada officemate yang sibuk mengintai dan gelakkan aku sebab jadi blogger. Nampak je ganas tapi dalam hati ada taman,ceh.Rosak reputasi aku kalau nak bagi arahan kerja nanti. Lappy rosak,sb screen problem.Kena rm500.Hampeh,kalau guna hantar kt Compaq Service Centre,kena Rm700. Blogger kalau dulu adalah seumpama wartawan-mengkritik dan menulis komentar bagi hal-hal yang dirasakan memberi faedah dan mengajak pembaca berfikir. Tapi sekarang ni sesapa pun boleh menulis blog,asalkan rajin dan suka reveal kisah hidup kat orang lain. Jadi untuk manusia macam aku yang dulu zaman remaja bercita-cita nak jadi penulis (tapi tak berjaya sebab tak berbakat langsung),bolehlah guna blog ni untuk menulis secara sukarela biarpun takder sapapun nak baca melainkan diri sendiri jua. Lepas tu aku obses nak tgk trafic flow blog aku..haha hari ni berapa orang view,konon maca