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Losing? What do you mean by ‘losing’? You only lose things you value or treasure. You cannot lose rubbish. In fact, if someone steals your rubbish you will be very pleased. It saves you the trouble of getting rid of it.


Just get back from teamfuc*ing camp.
Yes, we need it once a year. To give a tight slap and punch in the face. To reminds you how to interact with human being, not just fu*king some internet dude online.
(Fuc*ing online however, sometimes can be fun and give you euphoria blows if you meet a genius, while most of the time you always meet is some internet losers who loose a  LOT of screws in their head).
Of course, there's an asshole or bloody wanker join in, but who give a damn anyway?

And what I hate most when comes to psychology test. The expert can read a person mind, but nah..,you cannot read and make assumption on me.
Some part  is a good session, but normally they try to make you vulnerable and exposing yourself all the way.
Hey, am too damn good to be detect as a CIA agent.

By the way, I know how charming I can be, and how hot I am, but no, don't call me a thousand times a day.
I'm sick of the needy person that craved for love and attention.
And this call is from Kas…

Aidilfitri 2013/1434

Mungkin hari raya kali ni  paling sederhana sepanjang usia.

Acara wajib raya ke 3,4,5 dan 6..mandi di Pantai Merdeka.

Senja di Pantai Merdeka


Hello Handsome: Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil