Just get back from teamfuc*ing camp.
Yes, we need it once a year. To give a tight slap and punch in the face. To reminds you how to interact with human being, not just fu*king some internet dude online.
(Fuc*ing online however, sometimes can be fun and give you euphoria blows if you meet a genius, while most of the time you always meet is some internet losers who loose a  LOT of screws in their head).
Of course, there's an asshole or bloody wanker join in, but who give a damn anyway?

And what I hate most when comes to psychology test. The expert can read a person mind, but nah..,you cannot read and make assumption on me.
Some part  is a good session, but normally they try to make you vulnerable and exposing yourself all the way.
Hey, am too damn good to be detect as a CIA agent.

By the way, I know how charming I can be, and how hot I am, but no, don't call me a thousand times a day.
I'm sick of the needy person that craved for love and attention.
And this call is from Kashmir, UK and other part of the world too. (Malaysia mostly).
I rather hire a good damn looking gigolo, semi Adonis god sent from Prague to give me a good session than make it with you. And you should know I trust no one, workshipped myself and I would never ever become an idiot for a second time after that fu*king dumbass fairy tale.

Why suddenly all of this crap?
Just that I should send you to the deep black, darkest hole in the hell long ago, not recently.
So damn you and get the hell outta my life.

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