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Casting Christian Grey is one of the biggest questions when it comes to film casting for “Fifty Shades of Grey.”
With producers Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti brainstorming with author E.L. James, excited fans want to know more and more information, even suggesting their favorite stars for the key role of complicated, sexy billionaire Christian.  Here is the top fan favorites…VOTE below and let your voice be heard for your Christian Grey in our fan casting poll at the bottom of this page.

Alexander Skarsgard has been melting hearts as Eric Northman on HBO’s True Blood since 2008.  He plays the bad vampire who is self-centered, but has a soft spot for Sookie Stackhouse.  In this part, his character has been closed off, ruthless, as well as, sweet and endearing.  Alexander has been naked in several episodes, so we know he could handle any Christian Grey sex scenes with ease.  Wearing jeans would be more clothing than the Viking wears currently!  His acting has such a range that shows such a raw vulnerability that he could be a great dominating billionaire with a growing heart for his Ana.  See all posts about Alexander Skarsgard here.

Ian Somerhalder has been a fan favorite from day one.  Ian has openly campaigned for the part of Christian Grey on radio shows and red carpets.  His enthusiasm for the role is infectious.  On the CW’s Vampire Diaries, Ian plays a tortured vampire that is hopelessly in love with a girl that is in love with his brother. in which he loves dearly  He is utterly bewitched by her and he does bewitched so well that he would make an amazing Christian Grey that is entranced by Ana Steele.  Ian is also a philanthropist in real life, just like our Christian Grey’s softer side.  See all Ian Somerhalder posts here.

Matt Bomer wears suits everyday in his USA Network series White Collar.  His striking features has made him a great choice for our chiseled Christian Grey.  He started his acting career in soap operas.  I bet he gives great dramatic pauses and stares perfect for our Christian Grey.  Not to mention, even though Matt is openly gay in his personal life, female fans have been actively vying for Matt to have the part of Fifty Shades f@*ked up.  See all Matt Bomer posts here.

Henry Cavill drove women wild on his Showtime hit Tudors where he played the Henry the Eight’s sexy friend and womanizer.  Needless to say his sex scenes were steamy even for paid cable, but always romantic.  He is currently filming Superman and is the man of steel.  When Henry’s Dunhill campaign debuted with photos of him gliding, Fifty Shades fans went wild.  Most females want to chase the dawn with him!  See all Henry Cavill posts here.

Notebook sweetheart, Ryan Gosling, has made romance history with rainy kisses that has won Best Kiss awards. We would love Christian to be a kisser just like this. He has played the brooding good guy in Drive and the shirtless hot guy in Crazy, Stupid Love.  With a acting wrap sheet as long as my arm, I am positive that playing our tortured billionaire with twitching palms would be a piece of cake for him.  Ryan has also chased down bad guys on the streets of NYC so he is naturally compassionate and heroic.  See all posts that include Ryan Gosling here.

Twilight’s Robert Pattinson is who Christian Grey’s mannerisms and characteristics are based on.  E.L. James is a huge Twilight fan and fell in love with Edward Cullen and then soon after with Robert Pattinson who plays him.  He has the sex hair, the nose, the eyes, the chin, and the hands of Christian Grey.  He is great at brooding and looks great in the back of a limo as in Cosmopolis.  Some fans aren’t keen on him being Christian, but others read the Twilight fan fiction first and can’t picture another man playing the role.  See all posts about Robert Pattinson here.
The unknown…we aren’t opposed to an unknown actor that can act and that has great chemistry with the female lead.  Ultimately chemistry is better when it’s not faked.  I want magnets and sparks, shock and awe, from whomever plays Christian and Ana.

PS-yea,aku memang tengah takde kerja


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