The few lasts day in penang...

This is a route I used everyday to travel to work. ...I have to cross the bridge and travel about 50km to my motorcycle.Sometimes I would drive.The bridge is about 13km long..its takes me about 10minutes on the bridge to reach to the island.
Since this picture is taken during riding a motorcycle,its just cover a view from the side of the bridge.
The small island before the Penang island is a Jerejak Island,is used to be prisoner place last the island has been develop as a Jerejak Resort and Spa.To reach there,you need to take a boat from the jetty in Bayan Lepas near the Marine Centre.
from mainland to the island of Pearl

The picture below is a scenery of the mini penang bridge,which is my route to my home every day from my office after depart from the ferry.On the way back,I took ferry to save some gas.I pass by Butterworth,the take the flyover to the Prai.The hill up the front is a Bukit Mertajam Hill.I used to hiking there.

Bukit Mertajam Hill or some call it Cherok Tok Kun recreational area is one of the good place to rest. The forest is still in quite a good condition. During weekend or even weekdays, this place will be full of people who came here to hike and cycle up the hill. On top, there are four tower which belongs to Telekom and Celcom. For the prupose of maintaining and guarding the tower,  a tarred road was made available up to the summit just like other hills with these kind of tower (e.g Bukit Palong,Baling). So when u see a hill with tower there should be a road up to the top, making it as one of a good place to go birding and herping (plus the forest is stil intact of course).

mini penang bridge..

Below picture is a view from the flyover,covering the canal to the Strait of Malacca..the huge building is Prai Sugar factory and the mangrove tree with a small fisherman village/jetty.The far view is a Seberang Jaya/Butterworth town.After this there will be no more beach or sea view for in Bukit Kayu Hitam there will be a forest/hill view.
The view from the flyover..the river flows to the Strait Of Malacca..surround by mangrove tree and jetty
The route to the Prai area..the hill is the Mertajam hill
Macalister office situated.

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The Macalister Road...


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