Can you survive with RM50 for a week?

Yes, it's my new determination.
I don't want to draw my saving and don't want to use my ATM card too.
The challenge will start next week, only RM50 a whole week of 5 days of my working days.
I live about 4 km from workplace and need gas too.My gas will be RM30, then the balance only RM20.
My plan is to fasting on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. There will be no more goodies buying for my kids. I will cook for the meal (the groceries still left for a week meal).
I had been fasting for most of my weekdays recently and I can see a huge difference. I feel not tend to buy junk food and unnecessary stuff.

Here's some comment and like to post here for my own motivation. Most is a funny comments:

~I had tried to survive with RM100 per week. Life suck.

~This is one of the way that you can survive.
1. Breakfast - oat meal. (RM1. or less)
2. Lunch - Any meal around RM 4.
3. Dinner - eat salad, or boil potato with baked Bean or Tuna (RM 2)
a day = RM 7/- * 7 RM 49. Ok or not?

$50 per week I would surely mati,
$50 per day boleh.

~No Money! I'll lend you RM 15.10, ok ah?? can tahan or not?

~yup, i can
but u must have determination to do that
plus u must organise ur meal etc very well

~breakfast RM1 butter bun
lunch RM2 nasi lemak
dinner maggi 0.60cent
=3.60 *10

~Yes, but not for many weeks. You won't die, but would wish you are. You can have maggi mee plus egg every day three times. Cost RM1.50 *3 per day=RM4.50 per day. One week=RM31.50. Extra RM18.50 you can have extra, like nasi lemak, or Nasi rendang lembu...once or twice a week. For drink,use boiled tap water.

~No. No. Non!
i need more than rm 50 weekly to refill my car gas tank! :(
I don't care much about meals though..i rarely have more than 2 meals in a day. Always in a rush, busy busy busy
Oh don't get me started on weekly shopping
I think I'll die at an early age.

~I can.. no, my elder sis can.. They are in campus, and my mom gives them RM50 everyweek, they do not get scholarship.. I guess, we can always fast, everyday, only eat big breakfast(4+) and light dinner(3+), but, this is only food, others like bills and rent not included..
Unless you still live and eat at home, and your Dad/Mom/boyfriend sends you to work/school. And the boyfriend to pay for your dates as well. Poor chap! He'd better have more than RM50..

dinner- plain water

~I have done it before during my "unemployed" day.
Yes. You can survive. If you are a lady! You can even save th penny if with a packet of instant noodle. How ?You should buy bread . Dip the break into the instant noodle. It taste good but don't over do it for 3 consecutive days.
Alternate and be creative with your food.

~breakfast-roti canai or nasi lemak rm1
lunch-chicken rice,etc-rm5
dinner-maggi+eggs rm1
drinks-with plain water)

~once,i had only rm10 to spare for almost a week cos my parents couldn't send me money,they went to indon or something and i had to eat maggi for every meal for a few days
same as dying la,it was horrible
never want to go through that again

~RM50 per week...
let me see
morning, breakfast at home = free*
lunch = RM4
dinner, at home = free*
RM4 x 5 = RM20
balance RM30 can belanja my kids 2 Happy Meal.
ok, lah.
* free, coz not out of my pocket.... hubby bought groceries, I just cook, no need to take out my own money.

~Morning - Eat bread - Rm1.50
Afternoon - Chicken Rice - Rm4
Night - Maggie Goreng + Roti Canai - Rm3.80
One day = 9.30
One week = 65.10
Aiyo tak boleh lah......

~i don't think i can survive unless i eat bread everyday, need to pay for transportation, notes and book -if you're student
but i'm also lack of money now're u?

~if down to that situation, then have to lor..

~can... if you tapau from home... wait i do calculation again... err may be can kot

~Impossible unless you walk, prepare your own meals & do not own a cellphone, maybe then it's possible to survive on just RM 50 for 7 days.

coz i live wif me parents..only pay for lunch in the office..

~Milk + Oat biscuits, mixed.
Eat 3 meals a day. Not only save money but can also slim down.......

~i think i can..
opis just near by my house..
bfast/lunch/dinner/supper almost everyday at home..
fuel rm10 per week oso enuf..

~yup..there's nothing for me to worry about, even when im in college cos everything is provided at,electricity,water,internet,et...

~yup..i leave the rest to my mom..hehe..and she'll fix it for me

~Haha..impossible now.
If you own a bicycle and very stingy type of person..yes

~no money
hahahaha i sure die

~I can.. RM10 per week also can..
errr... wait, I just figure out I'm not in Big enough City.. ~lol~

~Fuel a week is RM15..i lived very near to my workplace.
bfast RM1.80 , lunch RM4.00 = RM5.80/day
RM5.80 x 5 days =RM29.00
RM29.00 + RM15 = RM44...only lorr
aiya...but still i have to buy pampers la, susu baby la..vitamin to survive..
hardly u can survive... unless go beg for some food ....

~The results=
I can't survive with Rm50 a week. Coz had to buy milk,fill up gas, top up hp credit and buy groceries.
I can survive if I don't need to buy the item more than RM10.
RM50 can do if just for lunch and buy breakfast a week.
Somehow I had manage to live with RM60 and still able to bought a milk, fill up gas and top up credit coz i had been fasting for 4 days a week.
I can survive but felt terrible and think about the money and budget all the peace of mind.


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