Easiest Kiddies spaghetti -step by step

This is not an authentic Italian pasta.Made and design to cater the meals for kids,they preferred the sauce to be thin and light.More soupy I must say.
Suitable for birthday party and family gathering.
heat the butter

saute dice onion,garlic and dice carrot

add pieces of chicken meat or beef and basil

pour prego tomato basil sauce(canned) in pan.add some water

meanwhile boil the pasta to al dante.toss with some oil

reduce the sauce,season and taste

place pasta in plate and pour the sauce.ready to served

you can add chicken meat,seafood and vegetables.
I also made some trifel..this the easiest way to prepared.Just layer some sponge cake(choc is the best),the layer with custard sauce.Cool for a while and top with jelly and dice fruits.
ugliest trifel ever made.


  1. Tuh dia, berbekas2 trifle dia. Jenuh jamu kat bebudak. Sampai KFC pon tiru buat trifle gak :D

  2. Aida,

    Hehe..tu keje orang malas.Sekali buat makan sampai muntah!!
    Pastu tunggu tahun depan lak baru buat lagi.. :P