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Ralph Lauren doesn't just design clothes—he designs a lifestyle that many people dream of living. For more than 40 years, Ralph's vision has defined American style, but away from the runway, this designer prefers to stay out of the spotlight.
Over the past four decades, Ralph has granted only a few interviews, but in the final days of The Oprah Show, he invited Oprah and her cameras to his family's majestic Double RL Ranch for a rare sit-down.
For years, Oprah says she's dreamed of visiting Ralph and his wife, Ricky, at their 17,000-acre property, located just outside Telluride, Colorado, a resort town she's visited often.

"I can't tell you how many times I've driven on that road and counted the miles of your fence, tried to look over, like so many people do, in their neighborhoods," Oprah tells Ralph. "When you're growing up, you look at the big house on the hill. For me, it was looking through the fence at your ranch."

When life got hectic in New York City, Ralph and Ricky say they started searching for a place to escape out West. "I needed another side that was totally private, totally a world that I felt I could live," Ralph says. "It was nature. It was peaceful. It was horses. It was riding. It was cattle."

Tour the Lauren family's Double RL Ranch
When the Laurens first visited this property and saw the view from "the Vance," where a 100-year-old cabin and three-story barn are surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, they knew they'd found the perfect place. "You're in a world that's all your own," Ralph says.

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For years, it has been Oprah's dream to see how iconic American designer Ralph Lauren and his family live. "I've driven by this wooden fence which stretches almost 30 miles along his private ranch in the Rocky Mountains, just hoping the day would come when I would get to go inside," Oprah says.
In May 2011, Oprah finally got an invitation to go inside Double RL Ranch, Ralph and Ricky Lauren's 17,000-acre property just outside Telluride, Colorado.

Ralph and his wife, Ricky, bought this breathtaking property in 1982. Parts of the original western classic True Grit, starring John Wayne, were filmed here.

Ralph gives Oprah a guided tour of the ranch in his vintage 1948 Jeep, which he acquired with the property.

Ralph and Ricky built five handpainted tepees on their property. Years ago, Ralph says his Native American friend Billy held a ceremony to bless the tepees.

Guests staying in one of Ralph's tepees don't have to worry about roughing it. Navajo artifacts, rustic furniture, vintage Navajo blankets and a tattered American flag lend charm to this living space. Accents like pine cones in a wooden bowl and wildflowers in a Ball jar vase complete the look.

The beauty of the tepee leaves Oprah in awe. "I can't shut my mouth," Oprah says. "This is a dream."

The Lauren family loves to spend time together, so gathering areas are a must at the Double RL Ranch. This outdoor living space features a dining table and chairs near an outdoor fireplace as well as a sitting area accented with denim cushions and Native American-inspired pillows.

A ranch isn't complete without a stable filled with horses! The Double RL Ranch is still an operating ranch, complete with cowboys and dogs herding the animals. Ralph also enjoys riding across the scenic expanse

Ralph's Double RL Ranch is decorated with authentic southwestern accents, like this bleached cow skull

The ranch's Old West saloon offers plenty of room to relax and unwind. This is where the Lauren family gathers for their intimate interview with Oprah.

Along with the sitting area, the saloon features a traditional bar. The bar top is decorated with an antique slot machine, brass bowls and woven baskets.

Double RL Ranch also has some perks of modern-day living. The Laurens watch movies in this theater, which is filled with oversize leather chairs and ottomans. They can also curl up with a blanket, part of the collection Ralph and Ricky have been building for years.

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