New routine and new day to come..

Baru jer pindah ke kawasan perumahan goverment...di sediakan rumah dan dekat dengan ofis..
Senang jugak nk menghantar ank ke sekolah dan babysiter.The enviroment nice and easy..

Akak dan adik kt Marry Brown..bkn main suka lagi dpt baring dan tido atas bola yg banyak tu..

Kindergarden transit after school day

So far very good...good to save my car fuel consumption and time rushing in the morning.
Life is is nice..mentally is torture the....

I am feeling uneasy,doom and office,new colleague and much more bothering me lately.
My works great and good and run smooth.
Only I can't go through the office politics..i really not into it,not my style.
It's bother me a lot.coz i can be the next victim.why oh why the stupidity had to occured?
I've been there once,when i'm busy with my schedule then the rumors spreading that i'm hard to mingle around and make staff feel bad.Gosh,they don't have other things to do than to observe and comment on other person daily expression?
Then,the upline person also get influent by the rumors and being unprofessional to look into it.
I don't know..wish it never happen.I am..kind of serious in my duty.My task and the dateline coming first.
Then,so much rumors from here and there..i take it easy,and prepare the precaution back up.
Babe..i think i need a hug.

I am alone,lonely but yet why i don't feel like to have a company when someone came and try to wooing me?

Other than that,my days are great.Try to fix my aerobic shedule as a routine.In order to downsize my figure.
And keep healthy along the way.

Just want to ease my mind..and look upon the blue sky and  seek the peace inside me...


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