Welcome 2012

Are we still worry about world's end??

I don't think so..as we're still busy with talboid local issue,workplace task and our routine.
So welcome 2012!!
Day 1 2012 = get motivated by company vision
Day 2 2012 = Attend next planning project
Day 3 2012 = Rushing to manage daughter's school day 1st

Mission on 2012:
1.Money issue-saving as much as I can
2.Manage my routine and career as good as possible
3.Quit think/care bout uncanny habit around and stay away from emo queen
4.Increase my wardrobe/shoes/handbag collection
5.Being a nice person and focus to my career meaning reduce mingle around colleague (its better not too be such a super sweet and too nice person coz sometimes you feel hurt when they really don't need you)
6.Make the rule as I go-when someone seem doesn't even notice you,why should you?I hate when we trying to get along well,trying to be nice to someone but in the end we were the one feel desperate/unappreciated coz she's doesn't bother you and feel so good bout herself (yeah,I try to coz I pity her sit alone or nobody talked to her..sigh)
7.Its better to be unhappy alone than to be unhappy with someone

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