On bento box and notes from hell

Been transfer from the heaven to the hell down under ..annoying, unhealthy, depression workplace enviroment and I need to craw just to get myself stand  straight again.
And start to have a feeling 9 to 5 job is miserable. Work isn't fun anymore.
Gone are the days I can lazily cross my leg when work's done..and inhale for few moment..not here anyway. Works never get done yet long list await. Kind of bullsh**.
So the chance of  me to kill someone is high.
Can't think of any blog post at the moment..let alone  to read any of the travel blog updates. Sigh... Feeling guitly to browse over a news creeping in and suddenly the boss appear before you.
My travel monster need to adjust here and fit in. Until..only god knows when.
Still, my bento box pictures still in stock and that will do.
 What does my Mr.Instinct say? Hang on babe and you'll be all right.You are not that Afghan women collecting rubbish to feed her children dear..ain't that gonna kill you either. True..but I'm suffering just step in the door. Everyday is a bad day. The mental torturing unbearable. What doesn't kill you make you stronger..but..really I cannot relate it here.

bekal tupperware baru bentuk hati

kutiew goreng

spagheti, biskut, oren

nasi putih, sardin dan pear

Nasi goreng, puding dan biskut
tortila, biskut dan oren

nasi putih dan tomyam

Roti ham dan epal

Add caption
until then.


  1. Makkkk oiiiiiii! Banyaknyaaaaa... Terus laporrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    1. Hehe bukan memang selalu dah laporrr ke SS?

  2. Stress pun sempat tau buat bento tiap hari tau. Hopefully things will get better at ur new place.


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