Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Malaysian living abroad..

I just cross a blog of Malaysian girl living abroad...like to read her experience living in Australian..but pardon me,I am very annoying with her racist statement wherearea she point out that flea market in Australia is like Malaysia too...except Malaysia have more coloured people and most of it and she pointed out that Malaysia flea market full of WANTAN!!
What is wantan anyway??From my point of view,is a malay lady or girl wearing a veil or cover their hair..well for me you should be proud of your multi culture.I bet Australia also have a lot of immigrants from middle East..so why compare??Why should labelling people?If the covering lady we call wantan,then the sexy one (some flabby pour out,call it sexy??),went out market just with a boxer pant and singlet,what should we label them?A mussel wide open perhaps??
Excuse me lady...you should not be publish a public statement.
Forgive me for my sensitivity but I am proud of my Malaysia multi racial.I never condems other culture behaviour..
Maybe they are too proud living abroad....

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