Now it's been at the end of ramadhan.Only 8 days to celebrate Aidilfitri.
For my preparation,my outfit (2 pcs) already sent to tailor and just need to pick up then.for my kids,my soulmate and I spent Rm400.000 for their outfit.And other expenses,cars,cookies,gas and toll all about Rm1500.
Now..want to buy baju melayu for my soulmate and something for MIL.
What I love on the Aidilfitri celebration is..the family gathering and the love in the air season..
This year we will celebrate Hari Raya at my soulmate side,in Seremban and Malacca.
Planning to stop by Cameron Highland to bring my kids to the Strawberry farm.
And visit the tea farm too.
My planning is to pay a visit to my house i've been bought 8 years ago..(now been rent to friend of mine) and to taste my love of all time food,Asam Pedas there.And ikan bakar Umbai..gosh miss the dishes much.As my early 20's in Malacca,my soulmate and I always hanging around Bandar Malacca and we loved to eat all kind of food.(the couple time).
Now..it's been a 10 years since we had been together..
Nothing much to talk about..my life been busy recently.

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