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I just visited some blog here since i'am a new bloggers.I loved to read any of Malaysian blogger living abroad page with picture upload (as I dream to travel there) and a blogger whom highlight some motivation or touch of emosionally feeling in their page.
Before this i never intented to created a blog,but since i am pretty boring and heartbroke..a blog will do.
From my observation..a blog is a hang out place for:
1.Business(not my cup of tea for blogging)
4.Family affairs-pic kids and all
5...maybe more..

But i'm looking for a motivation Dear Thelma on the Star mag..haven't found yet. blog is nothing actaully to got notice by other blogger (wish only me face the issue)..grrrr..
So speak to my mind is..I should highlight something on my page,a commentar,issue or else.I am so damn bored with facebook,yahoo msger and i turn to blog instead of dying monologue alone in front of my mirror.
Perhaps a food.I am once working in the hotel kitchen(upon completing my diploma in culinary) but now lost in different direction in the journey to meet end need for my daughter (actaully thats should be a good excuses..hehe)..
So I must say..I should attach some of my appertizers dishes picture in here..or write down a recipes..
ok..will do.I make a good rendang,a malay dishes,italian and can be anything..
Arghhh I am going to cook tonight and snap a few picture and post it here..I was fasting for a week now (replacement fasting for last year ramadhan) and next week ramadhan is on the corner..
Hopefully after a few picture of food here,my blog will have a visitor (seem now,I am the only visitor)..
Maybe should comment any outlet I have a meal either..

I don't intend to do business here..or put a lots of my kids picture (hey.,its my blog,not theirs) and the reason i'm blogging is to try to patch thing find something else to addict for besides my kids and my brokenheart (did I mention it too much..huhhu)
So we will have other way to draw a visitor or share some interest here..we'll see.

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