BFF matters

=“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.” =
=“Old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.”=

Bff..what is bff stand it a bullshit fren forever?bullied fren bast***?blur fun fren??..hehe…
Well,talk about bff,I always had a BFF in my side.But seriously,there also a lots of woman don’t have a BFF..just a fren in workplace or living place.For them,BFF is not family is matters most.So when you fall apart with you husband..there you go..alone,stress and can’t pour your heart out to someone.
We need BFF as much as we need a husband indeed.Sound ironic?? give a try and you will see.Its not easy to make a BFF-like a lovers you need to understood her,lift her to her best effort and stand by her in tough and rough journey of life.That’s why..some people not making any effort to find their BFF.But believe me,once you find her (better her to a lady,coz if the man,you can be tempted to had an affair with him-what they called??platonic fren?? the best way is find the same gender) you will know that not only you can count on her but for she’s represent the best in you that you hardly notice.

My Bff started from form 3 in SMKKM,with Zariah,Zaharah,Che Siah and me.
We are the group of classmate,gossiping and admiring a hot senior .My school days are more enjoyed,happy with them by my side..I hardly ponteng kelas coz i will miss them..we talk,gossip and the boys always jelousy when we laughed so loud.But we don’t care..Then when we had to change class after reviewing of SRP in ‘92,only me and Che Siah in the same class 5L1,best class in form 5 and 4.There I made new fren with Laila and lot more classmate…Then in my kg..i close to Azean.Since sek keb we’re close fren until high school.I always lepak at her house and hanging round.We are close until i pursue my dip in semester break is our time to updates our story.

During my working in the Acer factory,i made fren with Faizah and Rosma.Got a Bon Jovi cassette from them on my birthday (so sweet) and we so close.But I had to left them to pursue my study in Itm.
In ITM,I made fren with Azah and Aslina..very close as we'd been eat,study and living together until we grad for 3 years.They are my best fren…although we had some issue..the matter is we still a best fren.Still remember those sweet years with them,the student years where is financial is an issue and starving together to study at night in the campuses.We been practical together,walked in KL and merayau and count almost inch of KL in Masjid India,Chow Kid,Jln Sultan Ismail and Starhill. Can’t afford to shop at starhill,we just peering and admiring the branded item sold in the boutique.

Our Fav is yong tau foo at setapak.We live in Setapak during training in KL.
Teratai Mewah Apartment-thats our rental room.So much of bitterness happen there,been chase from landlord,hehe and make noise in the middle of the night..listened and sang to a Nirvana Unplugged during those day..As with her hindi song.Only 3 of us-my senior called us a three stooges as we almost went anywhere together.
Upon complete my dip,I worked In Malacca and made fren with Jay.Shes my best fren,even now she take care of my house there and she remain my best till today.

In Penang,I made a Fren with Ann,we met during my duty in Italian Restaurant.We worked with crazy Italian Chef,so hot temper and thats make us a best fren!!to talk about him and comment bad thing bout him..complaining bout him at Nasi Kandar,hehe.She remain my best fren till today for we had been through for 5 years together.With her,I felt very comfortable to talk and able to pour my heart and vice versa.Even if we not meeting for a month,we will miss each other.

We always arrange a dinner or lunch together,to discuss any issue,either in formal or personal matter.She is not like me,she a tough girl,not easily drawn to a man,not easily give up and focus to her goal.She can live alone with her son,don’t need any man to be by her side.Whereas in my side,I look brutal and tough outside and physically but actaully dalam hati ada taman..grr...I am jiwang anything regarding to my heart-I seek for her advice.

We did talk a lots, shes my BFF who know me,identify me and can see deeply into myself that sometime even I hardly notice…Remind me of my goal and always wanted me to focus on my kids.She sometimes will take care of my kids during my absent.She is like rich person,all she put on her is a branded item,MNG,GAP,tissot, name it.Even I can’t afford to her style.
Together we endured a series of life eventh that has created a wonderful relationship.

Beside her,I am also have my Bff in Shah Alam.Lin.Met her during my practical In Kenyir Lake in 1997.And we lost contact until we meet in Facebook at 2010.
I been pay her visit recently after 12 years apart and for me shes still my BFF.Still care for me and support me in my hard time.She been married to a handsome man and had a 3 kids.What a nice life…She’s still the same person i'd know for 12 years ago,only more mature,focusing more to her family and living life the fullest.
I love all my BFF and i am proud to say that my BFF is my other half.
With them,I felt complete and we share anything.Laughter and joy,tears and pain..they always by my do I.

Entering goverment sector I have 3 close friends for a years, and bunch of good friends to hang out with.
but sadly after few years I lost one of them, due too much fake, hypocrite and misunderstanding. I maybe lost one but I get more real friends.
As my bff once said I can pick any of bff I wanted coz people like to be with me. I am not like her that doesnt have bff and hard to find one.
So actually I start to realized that its true its easy for people to like me and got attach with me. I can choose any one I want to get close ith, make her my bff. Only thing I got picky and she said one thin g she afraid is one day if she may hut me or do things I dont like I will abandone her and just left like that.

I realize that too, one I made up my mind that you are not worth to be by my side, I will just left and dont give a damn anymore, makes you hurt a lot.

But after so many years, as I grow older and wiser I just let things go, no more forcing anything and enjoy whoever by my side at the moment.
I appreciate simple things more and being positive in any I can.
I am real, my mouth my be sting but its really it is If you mess with me you be crying for mama as I will do as cold as it can be.

Even when you have the love one,but you have BFF thats matters most beside a husband,kids and family.
The barrier between BFF is no limit,where trust is lay and if you can find one BFF,its a blissful.Coz its hard to meet who can suit your mind,compatible enough to challenge your opinion and able to see the true of you.But for me,its far greater than that coz not only I have one BFF but bunch of BFF indeed.

Its not easy for you to meet a fren,close to them and share everything with them.What we always do is-,almost everyone,just meet a fren,talk something and then-forget and just communicate by coincidence.What a waste we made when we are able to find the true fren,we not putting any effort to make it into a precious long life relation.
What can I say is..I appreciate more and more my BFF.
Its more valueble,more antics and more priceless when you growing old,growing mature together and share anything in your life with her.

”Wisdom doesn’t automatically come with old age. Nothing does – except wrinkles. It’s true, some wines improve with age. But only if the grapes were good in the first place.
“I find friendship to be like wine, raw when new, ripened with age, the true old man’s milk and restorative cordial.”
Thats was so true..friendship is like wine..

As for me,Bff in mature age is far greater than in those teenagers years..the adversity,struggling and sacrifice in one package during our mature years.And they keep you strong and going on day by day.
As for me,to find a BFF is likely to find a lovers,couple,life partner,husband, and you name it..its kinda hard as that.So may i asked you,do you had BFF??

=“True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation.”=

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