Heart for sale

I have no heart.
..I'm done,like a wound creature hiding in dark cave,just feel a little light in the end of tunnel.Trying to heal the wound and trying to sort thing out in my life.
Being like other woman-they being betharayed,abuse and hurt emosionally yet they still survive in the marriage.Like victoria Beckham,Hillary Clinton or your sister.Apparently I am not stronger than they are to handle my emosion when trust is broke.let alone to pretending living in blissful life.

'ignorance is bliss tis folly to be wise'

That's the people expectation-to see a picture of happy family even you never know what happen behind the closed door.In our society,being divorce or lead a broken family is something lack in your life.Its a symbol of your success.You are not success in your life when your life aren't balance in the personal and professional.
I know..for men,flirting and cheating is their affair,but it hurt so much,and cost me much as the trust is laid..Yet why I felt maybe we should be like others wives-survive a marriage despite the trust is broken.

'Love grows where trust is laid, and love dies where trust is betrayed'

After a years..i'm being so heartless,as my ex boss(he's an Italian) ever said to me ''...,all the man are like that.You left him and then you'll find someone like him in the future.Love you,married you and cheating on you.Its a man issue,our thing to do as long as we are stay ,be a good father and husband.So you should close one eyes...'' .WHF?.
so should I close one of my eyes??ok,i'll closed one eyes when i'm going to kill you in your bed.
Even one eyes close,it can never repair and mend a broken heart.
OMG..you may asked,what kind of adviced like that??But thats the truth.I found it so true..
Perhaps.. either I don't want to be alone,or no man is better than him (fairytale stories is so annoying).. its complicated to figured out why.


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