If only..but its hurt.

If only..but its hurt..when love kills love

You are the light at the end of the tunnel,
The beacon fire in the dark,my guardian angel,
Your presence bring peace and take away the strife,
The glimmer of hope and truly meaning of my life.
When the dusk falls and obscures the deep blue sky,
You’re the star that guides from above so high,
You are the one for me,the only one I see
In all this chaos the trace of clarity.
You are the one I love,the one that I want,
Our hearts so close,beating as one.
-Darkness Descends-
Alas,fallen I am,into the abyss,
The solitude of your broken promises.
Elysian dreams shattered by your visions so ethereal,
When honesty is a myth and truth so surreal.
Once passionate memories,now makes me weep,
The wounds you’ve caused,these scars so deep.
And I often cry and I wondered why
Our fountain of love runs dry.
My love eternal you cease to be
When I only existed but to make you happy.
Endured have I,that piercing coldness,
It battered my heart,it’s so relentless.
But my heart is still warm,it scarred surface
Can make this wintry frost with its gentle embrace.
The dawn will still rise again,
It will chase the darkness,and eases the pain.
Now before sorrow can take control of me,
I have to set my shadow free.
No more sleepless nights missing your vanity.
Surely theres lies an empyrean with love unto eternity.

Even nothing cannot lasts forever.. every hour wounds. The last one kills.”
~Neil Gaiman


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