My cook class..

Here some pic..i had conduct a cooking class for high school leaver...
Not so impressive like a Curtis Stone or Jamie Oliver..but with a limited budget that will do..

Its a appertizers..I created by myself.Chicken meat cook with some vege,then roll in nori leaf..,layer with a spring roll skin and deep fried..taste was good...perhaps should name it .
My appertizers..using eggplant grill,top with chicken breast and grilled capsicum.Something like italian appertizers..hmm like antipasto..Dressing is mayonnaise and mix with mango juice.

This is the maincourse..spaghetti like olio style..but add some crab meat.Small portion of spaghetti served with grill seafood (bake cod fish,crab and prawn)..quite nice..and come with napolitana sauce..
Hehe note the tall stalk..that was a lemongrass actaully.

 Sweet and sour fish..

Nasi Lemak..coconut rice

Omellette..with baked bean cup cake..not so good as we bake using muffing mould..but taste very nice..yummm

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