Friday, April 8, 2011

bad day

Today is like kind of bad day..I suppose to give a speech for a closing ceremony and they asked in last minute anyway.I hadn;t prepared though..there you go..what a speech i had murmured.Then came along with a stupid story of a cracked pot.Have heard that story?F..F..F#@^..
Feeling so down after that speech,i'm not at my best.
Don;t know bout the reaction but itsn't a clear story to be told to.Geezzz...

It's been a poison to my confident level and feel so stupid..
I'm a kind of nervous disorder in public speaking and why should I apply a job that require so much dealing with the function anyway?
That's have been a day i'm need to launch a program..sigh..not a credit though.

La di da di da...

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