Are you about to be fire??

In facts,there are several signs on the wall that your job is not as secure as you think:

1.You are getting less responsibility at work:
Lets face it: If people like your work,they'll give you more to do.And if they don't,well they won't.The rational is clear as a day so before you start patting yourself on your back for outsmarting your boss into reducing workload consider the fact that maybe jusy maybe,she's outsmarting you.

2.Newer employees are getting the spotlight:
Nothing points to a warning star more than a tendency for bosses to rely upon newer employees more than you.If your boss assign all your old tasks to new brooms don't kids yourself that its because she consider those duties beneath someone with your talent.What is far more likely is that she thinks you do a lousy job and prefer the work of a newbie.

3.You get 'The Talk'- the talk is nasty lecture all of us receive at least once in our lives that tells us ,in no uncertain terms that if we do not buck up we can ship out.It is usually the last resort of bosses who do not really want to fire you but will do so nontheless if you do not improve your performance.Getting 'The Talk' normally means that your boss has already got her ass covered and is thinking about whom she could delegate your current duties to when you are gone.

4.The Black-and white paper trail begins:
Most discussion about job performance take place in private with as much light-heart humour as situation permit and as little formality as possible.These quite,one-on-one chats go unrecorded and are therefore not permissible as evidence that you were given due warning before the axe falls.However,if your boss start taking notes during these conversation then that is a sure sign that things are taking turn for the worse-she is building a paper trail to support your dismissal.

5.You boss drops hints about vacancies in other companies:
There are only couple of a reason why a boss would encourage you to seek employment at another firm.Either she genuinely believes that you will find the grass greener on the other side or she hopes to trick you into leaving so that she can be rid of you in a painless way as possible.Either way,she is showing you the door.

6.You start getting the ratty assignment:
The easiest way to know that you are about to be fired is when your boss starts handling you all the worst assignment the job can offer,the tasks that no one wants,the work that drives you insane with both boredom and humiliation.These are duties that are typically assinged to new employees who are still earning their place in pecking order.The fact that your boss is assigning them to you can only mean one thing:You are at the very bottom food chain..and are expected to stay there

7.You are sideline:
If your suddenly find youself no longer invited to attend meetings,then you can be fairy certain that you are being kept out of loop.Being relieved of all your usual chores is one thing,but being completely sideline is quite another.This happen for 2 reason:
i.You boss does not expect you to be around much longer and would therefore like to minimise your knowledge of company's plan and operation
ii.She does not find your contribution particularly valueble anyway.

8.Your relationship with your boss cool overnight:
Like we said earlier,no one likes firing people.However,there are ways to make the task easier and one of the strategies seasoned managers use is to distance themselves from their targets and cool all interpersonal ties with them.By making the relationship go cold,it is easier for them to be objective with their decision without feeling guilty about it..


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