New gift

Just got new favourite perfume..Gucci flora/30ml/RM165..
Truly a bless as I don't have to buy perfume at least for 6 month,hehe..It's trigger  good mood on this festive season.

Sapo bagi takleh habaq..hehe tapi kira pemurah jgk sebab apa aku hajatkan,pujuk dan bg rasional sikit selalu akan dapat.
Kalau pakai perfume ni,sampai esok pun akan ada bau wangi dia kt badan kita tu..walaupun orang ada gak ckp gucci flora ni macam tak strong,mcm adik kepada Gucci envy dan massively boring and safe..aku tetap minat perfume ni jgk...

`Flora is lighter, the floral scent of course evokes a younger consumer, and she has a hedonistic, daring side. I don’t want to say that Flora is the daughter of Gucci by Gucci but maybe the younger sister.*
The notes for Flora are listed as citrus, peony, rose, osmanthus, pink pepper, sandalwood and patchouli, but they don’t matter too much: this is a sheer, almost-sparkling floral, very pale and clean, in which nothing stands out other than the peony, and even that only for a short while. It smells like it’s been through a rigorous series of focus groups designed to ensure that it would not ruffle feathers on anybody anywhere: there’s nothing sharp in the citrus-y opening, it’s floral but not too floral (don’t let the rose and osmanthus scare you, they’re mostly MIA), it’s vaguely peach-y but not too fruity, it’s sweet-ish but not too sweet. The “sandalwood” and “patchouli” in the base need not worry anybody who doesn’t like sandalwood or patchouli: the base is a fairly bland woody musk. The consumer who loves Flora might well have a hedonistic, daring side, but she apparently prefers to not to express it through her fragrance.
It has an ageless quality: it’s obviously geared towards someone young — mid-20s, perhaps? — but it would not feel out of place on a 5 year old or a 95 year old. If I had to explain how Gucci Flora fits into the larger scheme of things, I’d call it the still-cheerful older sister of Marc Jacobs Daisy. It’s massively pleasant, the bottle is nice, and the commercial is wonderful — I should think that’s enough, right? As March said at Perfume Posse, you could do worse.


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