Tasik Chenderoh

Tasik Chenderoh or Chenderoh Lake is a natural lake in Perak, Malaysia. The lake is located near the royal town of Kuala Kangsar and archaeological site of Lenggong.
We went there on last week and reach via kg Changkat Duku,near the Desa Rimba PLKN camp site.
The lake is huge,full of lotus and mengkuang tree.This freshwater lake easy access by the main road from Kuala Kangsar.
From the storyteller,this lake actually is a village area once upon the time,and its view was spectacular and serene.But you also must beware,there also a lot of snakewater in this area.
Most of the outsiders will enjoy the canoe activity,fishing and its still embrace its nature panorama.

ada aktviti canoe
luas dan was-was jgk la nak berkanu berpuluh km..jakun katakan
teratai bunga indah
ada ke kampung yg tenggelam bawah ni??
berlatar bukit bukau
kabus dan sejuk pagi-pagi
The lake was surround by the hill and mountain,and probably function as a water reservoir/resouces for the resident.