A goal to achieve..

I had received a good news yesterday...I was offered to the post I been interviewed on July..and it is a goverment position in the prestigious university located in the north of Malaysia.Thanks god.. ; )
The interviewed was pretty tough,from the 400 application,only 100 are selected  and short-listed to be called  for the  interviewed  test  and lastly remain the only 3 person to be appointed.I am lucky enough to be  offered to the position.
Since I had tendered my resign notice to my previous employer,I have to make an arrangement for the moving house preparation  and my daughter school relocated.
It's been a quite a long period  for me to say this..but i had a lots of plan for my future investment.

The plan and the goal to be achieve in my next years to come:

This house pretty big but my dream house not as big as the picture..eventhough I had owned one affordable house but I am going to buy a new one for more spacious and comfortable factor.

Decoration would be:
Even it was just my imagination or my dream but I will strike upon it..not a  luxury house but affordable home come with a nice decor.

2) A car -an imported car.By the time I still can cannot afford to buy a Honda..since I had a many bill to settle then.
So my next to do list to own a nice car,not luxury car but the car that not make me miss my meal in the end of the month..that would be a Honda CRV..

The 'my budget' estimated price is about 60k to 50k..I don't mind use a secondhand car as long as the car not aged more  than 10 years.
I am not asking much..its my dream car.

3) To top-up my saving accounts.Need to control my budget and spending.To do this a permanent auto debit through a wages must be apply.Hopefully I am able to save about 4k to 5k each years.

4) To obtain my master  in a distance learning program in the prestigious University in Malaysia.
My master  will take about 2 years period to finish.Its a my target to obtain a master  before reach 40years.

5) To travel in Europe - This should be apply before I hit 40,as my health will became a main focus later on.
Ahh..can't be wait to travel there..either with someone or alone,thats should be pleasure.

6)To go pilgrims/umrah - This my to do list a a muslim..to purify myself and take a bless from the holy land.

I will complete my to do list reaching until 10 wishes..you may say I was a dreamer or materialistc-oriented but it;s a reward for my hardworking  all those years.
Will continues after this..I will put my priority first.Whatever it will cost me,I wish I have enough courage to keep strong,enough desire to keep it going on and the most important is to have enough passion to make it come true.


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