Shoping di Padang Besar dan keindahan ladang tebu Chuping mengatasinya...

We drove to Padang besar to shopping.They have a branded designer bag,clothes,snack and fruit.
Like a flea market or a large market area.The Padang Besar,Perlis,Malaysia is nearest border to Thailand.
In weekend or holidays,the area normaly busy and crowd. like in anywhere got money then you'll be a happy shopper.

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But I loved much not on shopping but on the way to Padang Besar.The lanscape of Chuping was awesome.
Chuping is a small town in Perlis. It got its name from a limestone hill known as Bukit Chuping.
The area is well suited to sugar cane which is extensively grown and processed in refineries. There are also cement plants which supply some of the country's requirements.
~Perlis is the smallest state in Malaysia. It lies at the northern part of the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia and has Satun and Songkhla Provinces of Thailand on its northern border. It is bordered by the state of Kedah to the south. Perlis was called Palit (Thai: ปะลิส) by the Siamese when it was under their influence.
The capital of Perlis is Kangar and the Royal capital is Arau. Another important town is Padang Besar, at the Malaysian-Thailand border. The main port and ferry terminal is at the small village of Kuala Perlis, linking mostly to Langkawi Island. Perlis has a famous snake farm and research centre at Sungai Batu Pahat and Gua Kelam and Perlis State Park are tourist attractions. Compared to other states of Malaysia, Perlis has bucolic charm, peace and simplicity.

Dan yang kat bawah menggunakan camera hp jer...

Road to Padang Besar through Chuping Perlis on the left is sugar cane plantation

Ladang Tebu

The view from a far..the hill and limestone surround.. breathtaking

Cantik gilaaa

Kompleks Padang Besar Bazar

wajib makan pulut ayam kalau ke sini

Jalan menghala balik..ada lembah kt bawah ni..rasa macam kt Europe pulak bila dah berlembah dan saujana mata memandang niii

Tak sempat nak berhenti amik pic..rugi sebab memang lawa la scenery kt Chuping niii

The scenery was mesmerized,breathtaking,'s like has been  painted.


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