Love Gucci Flora so much

Flora is lighter, the floral scent of course evokes a younger consumer, and she has a hedonistic, daring side. I don’t want to say that Flora is the daughter of Gucci by Gucci but maybe the younger sister.*

The notes for Flora are listed as citrus, peony, rose, osmanthus, pink pepper, sandalwood and patchouli, but they don’t matter too much: this is a sheer, almost-sparkling floral, very pale and clean, in which nothing stands out other than the peony, and even that only for a short while. It smells like it’s been through a rigorous series of focus groups designed to ensure that it would not ruffle feathers on anybody anywhere: there’s nothing sharp in the citrus-y opening, it’s floral but not too floral (don’t let the rose and osmanthus scare you, they’re mostly MIA), it’s vaguely peach-y but not too fruity, it’s sweet-ish but not too sweet. The “sandalwood” and “patchouli” in the base need not worry anybody who doesn’t like sandalwood or patchouli: the base is a fairly bland woody musk. The consumer who loves Flora might well have a hedonistic, daring side, but she apparently prefers to not to express it through her fragrance.

The perrfume works nice on me,the smell lasts until my male colleague asked
 'What's perfume do you apply?'
I had read a not-so-good review on Flora..but for me its depend on your body odour.
Mine,this perfume works very well.The smell of flora was superb,calm and last long.
Instructions-to select the right perfume
1 .Research your personal taste in fragrance. Do you like to smell lemons, vanilla, roses, musk?
2 .Ask the woman wearing the intriguing scent of freesia what her perfume is called.
3 .Think of fragrances the same way you think of music: top, middle and base notes. Note that a top note is what you smell first; citrus and light spices are the first smells to evaporate.
4 .Focus on your favorite smells and take that knowledge to the fragrance counter, where a skillful salesperson will lead you in the right direction. Clean linens, tea, grapefruit, citronella candles, vanilla beans, or even rainwater will be hints.
5 .Apply a scent and wait 10 minutes. Remember to spray on pulse points, where skin is warmest, for best diffusion of scent.
6 .Sniff the test spot again. Still like it? Chances are you'll like it tomorrow, but keep in mind that as the top and middle notes evaporate, you're left with the heaviest oils.
7 .Ask for a wrapped package when you make your decision

Tips &Warnings:
~Clear your nose with coffee beans while testing a lot of different perfumes; ask for one at the counter.
~Some women like a cleaner, citrusy smell for casual wear, and a muskier fragrance for special occasions.
~Remember that the less you expose the perfume or cologne to the air, the longer it will last.
~Navigate through your choices. In order of highest to lowest concentration of oils, and therefore most to  least expensive: perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne and body splash.


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