Word wednesday faking thing

Ever meet this type fake personality?
Yes, we do all the time. Some friends. Bullsh*t  friends.

The one that :

1- Sweet talker..hypocrite
.When she see you (of course in official meeting), she will get excited,ask you too much and say she miss you.
"How long we have been missing each other? I really want to call you,to see you, talk to you but I'm too busy". (seriously?if you really miss me,give me a call.This ain't stone age period.)
She will like to mesmerized everyone inside the room with her talk. Only the fool will rush in. Maybe she sounds a common talk but hell no,she bragging babe. Hidden self occupied.
Since she is sweet talker, she will constantly lie to cover up. To avoid hurting people, lie is a must.
What should you do? smiles and acting cool.

2- Empty promise
'When I'm getting marry,/on my graduation day..I want you,my dear frens to be there. All of you...you are the important person in my life'.. ..So you buy bouquet of flower and ready to go to the big day to share the happiness, try to call her many times but no avail. She off her phones. End up you have to store the flowers in the bathroom since you too broke to install an air-cond in your house. And you lie on bed, staring on ceiling like an idiot. Fu*k yourself.
And in the evening, normally she will call you back to say sorry bla bla yada yada..what would you do? tell her to fu*ck herself? The best thing to do is just ignore all the messegers and calls. and when you meet her later- "I'm sorry babe,but I knocked off last night and I left your flowers on the bench outside the hall".

3. She's an angel and devil at the same time err no an evil fairy godmother
You think like that, but no..she's won't be by your side through thick and thin.
She will come and go as she like and when she need you, she will appear before you. or when she want to sell you an insurance or anything. If you ask her something of course she promised to help you in any way she could, but expected nothing dear.

4. Look down on you
Because she's such a sweet talk and manipulating people around, she think she smart and she have a better personality than you. Just ignore and let her sink in. Let her to fuc*k off and go to hell.
She won't say she's better than you but you can look into her eyes and see it for yourself.
I am better,smarter,richer and loveable than you

You think she has fake personality but she think she has a great phsychology practically.You  thought 'how can she blatantly lie' but she tell herself "I am practising Sigmund Freud things.. human can be manipulated according to my desire'

She's fake dear..the massive fake personality you ever met. I rest my case.


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