Gabriel Aubry; Final custody battle -lost

And it's Halle Berry for the win!

The actress and her baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, were both present in court today for the latest edition of their ongoing custody, specifically regarding the provision in their previous agreement dealing with how much time each party gets with daughter Nahla when Halle is shooting a film - and apparently, the judge ruled in her favor!
Looks as though little Nahla's gonna get to travel with mom to Europe when she starts up production soon!

Sorry, Gabe! Here's hoping you two can find a way to both factor in to your child's life amicably soon!
Fingers crossed!

Gabriel Aubry Picks Up Nahla After Halle's Big Engagement News

Model Gabriel Aubry picked up his daughter Nahla in Los Angeles, California on January 11, 2012. Nahla wasn’t into the photographers this afternoon and took cover in her daddy’s arms. Nahla’s mother Halle Berry had big news today as she is now engaged to actor Oliver Martinez.


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