Michele Rodelli-ep.3

awat muka dia tak berapa hensem kt pic ni..takper biar aku je yg tau tahap mana kehenseman dia

Restaurant promotion] Pacific Place, Admiralty Night in Shanghai
Pacific Place, Admiralty Night in Shanghai earlier renovation, now show a new image, a line near the entrance, you see a chocolate shop, a restaurant in the back of the chocolate shops. In both restaurants, shop in shop in the form Zhongyao Department to sell Western-style hand-made chocolates, the only one.

The menu changes not only the slight increase in the number of new dishes, the most exciting, they are all into the dishes of chocolate tea. Group Italian nationality dessert kitchen Michele Rodelli main reason, he won the European culinary awards, this time picking the eight kinds of tea such as Puer, scented tea, Longjing, narcissus match sections of the concentration of chocolate, to both the balance does not grab the taste, the fundamental is to difficult challenges. I tried several entrance prerequisite outer layer of crackers, jelly, and then the creamy filling, gradually despair flavor, mixed with cocoa incense, and finally the tea finish, complex level. 

-translate fron Chinese newapaper HK

notakaki: gigihnya aku..klu wat research phD mesti dh dpt Dr.


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