New Picture Collection : Gabriel Aubry's child endangerment court case dropped

The child endangerment investigation into Gabriel Aubry has been dropped by authorities.

The Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services were investigating claims the French-Canadian model had mistreated his three-year-old Nahla, from his relationship with ex-girlfriend Halle Berry
'CPS concluded that Gabriel has done absolutely nothing ever to endanger the welfare of Nahla. The report also recommends that Gabriel no longer be required to have supervised visitation.

'The judge in dependency court will have to sign off on this but this is a huge win for Gabe, as he has always maintained that he has done nothing wrong.
'Gabriel has only been a loving parent to Nahla and he is thrilled that CPS recognizes that. He is hopeful that the judge in dependency court will formally sign off on closing the investigation.'

There was concern that Aubry was a bad father after the nanny who worked for the former couple alleged that he pushed her while she was holding Nahla.
Perhaps because of this, a judge recently ruled that Aubry's visits with Nahla would have to be supervised and that he wasn't allowed overnight visits with his daughter.

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  1. Erk! Hensem sungguh si Gabe ni! (jangan marah naa) Hensem + kiut bila tengok dia dengan anak dia.

    So sekarang dia tengah battle custody right dengan Berry la ye? (cewah, tanya macam jiran sebelah rumah je :D)

  2. Aida,

    Hehe,memang mamat ni super hensem.Nampak kiut pulak tu dgn Nahla.
    Ok,saya mengaku saya jiran sebelah umh Gabe (mampu ke nk jd jiran dia dgn umh billion dollar tu)dan pagi tadi Gabe bgtau saya dia kalah custody battle tu!!
    Sian dia,nampak frustrated sgt bila jauh nun dgn Nahla yg pasni kena pi mastautin di French ikut mak dia.


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