Capellini marinara for dinner-recipe

colour not in the manner marinara sauce should be but i do like my pasta mild.Tips-for the tasty seafood pasta try to add shellfish like clam.They add the sweetness of seafood in pasta.

1 handful of capellini-cook to al dante
100 gm prawn-dress
100 gm squid-clean and cut into small pieces
300 gm clam-soak with saltwater to remove dirt and toss
3 tsp Tomato concasse or puree
A vegetables (optional)-carrot,brocolli,mushroom cut into slice or julienne
2 garlic-chop
1 onion-chop
bunch of basil  and parsley

1.Heat pan and pour oil
2.Saute' garlic and onion.Add basil
3.Add in seafood.Put tomato puree and add some water.(about 3 5 tsp)
4.Wait till clams open.
5.Add pasta and vegetables.Stir evenly and season.Add chop parsley.
6.Cook for 3,4 minutes and served.


  1. Looks and sounds yummeh! Basil and tomato is really a great combination kan?

  2. Aida,

    Yes,yes,basil and tomato indeed likely Romeo and juliet


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