Makna lagu Bed Of Roses-Bon Jovi


~ The song cover by Hinder however is awesome. Lead singer Austin Winkler, and with his bleak hoarse voice sounds better and softer.Hinder cover utk lagu ni lebih mendayu dan meruntun kalbu..sayu gile dgr suara Austin tu.
Lagu ni popular dan released pada tahun 1992 dari album Keep The Faith. Masa tu aku separuh mati gilakan Jon Bon Jovi ni. konon masa dengar lagu ni sedih dan feeling tapi maksud sebenar lagu adalah sebaliknya.
Mencintai orang lain pada masa yang sama meniduri orang lain, men do that all the time..don't they?(bias nyahh). Diakui muzik,soft piano playing dan  gitar riffs Richie Sambora yang berentak perlahan, suara Jon yang serak basah mendayu,lagu ini adalah umpama lagu romantic love song pada zahirnya. Tambah lak ada perkataan roses, french kiss dan for you I die defend..wallah lagi meruntun kalbu.
Hakikatnya, bagi lelaki tiada bini girlfriend pun berguna jugak.
Ia bukan lagu cinta yang sesetia laila-majnun dan ia adalah lagu cinta yang realistik, yang banyak berlaku disekeliling kita. Even dalam rumahtangga.
 Maknanya I love you but that doesn't mean I have to suffer when you/me away. I still need caress and all the thing.meowww. I still need someone to be by my side at night when I'm out of town. Or when we fight, I can slip to someone else arm. Having an affair is fun, thrill and blissful.
 Ok, ramai yang kata lagu ni Jon tujukan pada wife dia Dorothea-his  high school sweetheart. Dimana semasa Jon tour dan mencari fame,dia bersama blondie lain- biarpun dia hanya mencintai Dorothea seorang.
Jadi bila berjauhan,dia mencari kesenangan untuk berikan Dorothea (bed of roses) walau dia sendiri tidor on the bed of nails. Lirik lagu ni pun, Jon sendiri yang hasilkan, so faham la sendiri senah.

~This song is unbelieveably beautiful. what it means is that this guy has this girl in mind and he wants to lay her down in a bed of roses. when he talks about "some blonde" and "tonite i won't be alone" he trying to say that yeah sure i can't girls and friends no problem, but this one girl this one person is what he really wants and she's who he really loves. and until he can lay her down in a bed of roses, he'll be sleeping on a bed on nails. which means he won't be happy unless he with her on a bed of roses.

~Guys, this song is about Jon and Dorothea. If you didn't know, Jon wasn't exactly the perfedt boyfriend there for a while. Then he matured, felt terrible for how he'd lived the rock n' roll lifestyle, and wanted to tell her he's sorry, and that he loves only her.

~Many references to him being without the girl he loves and wants (I think they've split, as opposed to a long distance) and he's gone off either travelling or just wandering. He gets drunk, he can have girls if he wants but he's still lonely without the one he wants. The King's ransom in dimes line is quite stunning.And because he cant be with her, every night he hurts (bed of roses -> bed of nails)
~I can't believe so many people think this song is so romantic! Don't get me wrong, I love it, but it's bittersweet. I hope that Jon has written this to be ironic and doesn't believe it to be romantic. It is, as Kevindeboeck says trying to justify the blonde and mistress with soppy empty words. It sounds like a love song, but it's all fake because he can't be faithful to her. It's all those men that spout words of love and one and onlys and can't keep it in their pants. 'I've got nothing to prove'!!!
And the bar tender bit doesn't make him seem likeable either. It's beautiful words portraying at first glance a devoted loving man, but they're betrayed by his ego, his self righteousness and complete fakeness, but because he thinks he's beyond reproach, he charms other people into agreeing with him.

~I've listened to this song several times and have comee to the conclusion that he is having an affair and his wife found out and she has decided that she needs space from him, so he sleeps with his blond mistress to ease his pain of having not being able to be with his wife. He wakes up with a hangover and all that comes with it. He said he'd spend a kings ransom just to see her. When he says he wants to lay her down on a bed of roses i think he means he wants to soften or ease he pain by treating her better. He's hurting therefore he is sleeping on a bed of nails. He says he'd defend her no matter what. He loves his wife and just has a mistress to pass time thouh he knows where his heart lies. He admits that he doesn't understand life and trust and love... This is a song meant for a true love that he realises he had and never recognised

~I've listened to this song thousands of times, probably my favourite song of all time, and my interpretation of it is a bit different from some others on here. I agree with the piano thing, that sounds plausible, but it's obviously a guy waking up with a stinking hangover. He's away from home a lot, hence the 'I'm so far away, each step that I take's on my way home. A king's ransom in dimes I'd give each night to see through this pay phone' and clearly misses his wife. But he's managed to help the pain of being alone by sleeping with some blonde one night stand. I don't see any hidden meaning here, just some rat-bastard guy feeling guilty about doing the horizontal mamba with some easy lay. Yeah it's a love song, but with some very dubious undertones. And that's why I love it. If I'm wrong please don't tell me, or else you might ruin the whole song for me.

~I have listened to Bed Of Roses many times and thanks to my literature class I figured out this song is about a rock star who is always on the road and him missing his loved one. He gets wasted and has a literal mistress which is the norm. Being on the piano signifies pain as with most musicians the piano is an emotional instrument. Just look at Elton John. So from the title the main theme is putting his wife in a bed of roses which is simply an easy life. Why do I say so? Keep The Faith, the album Bed Of Roses is on, was released in 1992 which was an economically hard time in the US. If you listen to the whole album and consider songs like In These Arms, Dry County and I Want You, you will notice Bed Of Roses is part of the concept of the album. In short, the song is personal hence meaning while Jon is always on the road he gets lonely despite the mistress and at the end of the day is working tirelessly just for his wife. The guy is saying he loves his girl but in this way. I love it.

~It's not entirely a love song. It's a song about cheating on a loved's the lyrics. You'll see that he says he's far away, yet in the beginning he said there's a blond in his bed...meaning he's away from his loved one and cheating. He loves her, therefore the bed of roses, but the bed of nails because he hasn't been faithful. He does outright talk about his mistress in the song, guessing the "mistress" is his singing career, the reason he's away from her, because it mentions the spotlight.


  1. *calit!*
    Saya dulu pon memang gila kat Bon Jovi tau! Segala tape (dulu kan kaset gitu) pon beli, segala lagu pon hapal, segala video clip tengok. Fanatik! Mana tak nye, memang hensem-in-a-sempoi-way sungguh dia kan?

    Tak perasan/terpikir la pulak lagu tu dia tulis untuk bini dia. Tapi memang angau lagu tu. Best!

    1. Aida,

      So sweet minat Bon Jovi masa sekolah-sekolah dulu.
      Zaman remaja tu je kejanya,minat orang merata.
      Saya beli gak tape aka kaset dia,bangga sungguh masa beli.Kembang hidung,kembang bontot dan siang malam asik dok buka kaset tu.(mana exam tak ke parit)


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