Tom Cruise oh Tom Cruise

 ''Tom Cruise - Katie Holmes Bercerai ''..awwwww.
Ok,ini adalah post joyah-joyah dan gossip-gossip.
Ia adalah untuk aku ( no life punya geng dan dah tergolong dalam geng makcik kepohci).
Well,with the latest news at least the Hollywood paparazzi,medias and  magazines have something to give damn about for next few months.

This damn looking good dude still rocking at 50s,gorgeous,handsome as ever and so damn charming.
However when looked back how he announced,declared and pronounced his love for Katie Holmes,his-then-wife on Oprah Show by jumping up/down on the couch years back,I feel terribly sorry for him..after learn they are separate and ongoing divorce process recently.
I am not the big fan of Tom in the past even I do hooked by his charm in Top Gun,All
 The Right moves but I never put the poster of him in my teenage room- instead I had Brad Pitt (with his long hair in Legends of The Falls),Keanu Reeves and Johnny Depp. But then,since his role in Mission Impossble franchaise and Knight and Day,he has change my perspective.
I love his character,super-brilliant,savior,decent and cool.Of course I fall for his killer-smile too,messy hair,intenses eyes,broad smile,dashing,sizzling..oh shut up! the world spinning..what goes around come around - subjected  on his cheating to Nicole Kidman with Penelope Cruz in  Vanilla Sky film previously.Now Katie had left him and I guess what you give is what you get back.Eventhough we never know their real issue.
So,no more TomKat dear.
p/s-I adore Nicole Kidman and admirer her.And happy when she found love of her life,Keith.I still consider Tom and Nicole made the best golden couple ever.

Oh Tom,kesian ko.
Meh sini,I'd be your shoulder to cry on.
Okay,in future you should only get girlfriend,not marry them.Why buy a cow when you can have a milk for free?
If you still want to marry as it against your believe,then take me.Hehe..
(sila muntah hijo dan sila pi beli cermin berukuran 50x50 kaki)

The news:
~On Wednesday, Tom Cruise was spotted without his wedding ring, which only makes sense since his wife of five years, Katie Holmes, filed for divorce on June 29.
Cruise was on set in Iceland when the news broke, and now he's hard at work filming "Oblivion" in June Lake, Calif. The ring has come off and a divorce settlement has already been reached, but the actor is "still tremendously saddened and shocked about the divorce. Tom is obviously relieved that the settlement was reached, but is still sad, obviously," his longtime lawyer Bert Fields told RadarOnline.

Much has happened in a very short time and Cruise has yet to see the couple's 6-year-old daughter, Suri -- of whom Holmes was reportedly granted primary custody, as part of the settlement.


  1. *mode kepochi gak ni..

    Erm.. betul ke rumours pasal divorce tu sebab Cruise tu ahem.. gay? (pertanyaan ye.. bukan statement).

    And eh! Rumah tukor langsir sempena nak raya ye? I LIKE! Hehe!

    1. Ehem,

      Aida,tau kan Daily Mirror penah kena saman dgn si Tom Cruise ni pasal gay thing dan end up kena bayar juta-juta kat dia?hihi..
      Tak dapek nak confirm rumours tu...but sedih gila kalo benar kerana aku tak rela seorang lagi lelaki super-duper handsome songsang.Biar kongkang jangan songsang,uhuk uhuk


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