Can Oliver Martinez’s Hand Be Considered A Deadly Weapon?

Unfaithful star Olivier Martinez got a brace on his right hand Tuesday, nursing injuries from his Thanksgiving Day fight with model Gabriel Aubry.
Halle Berry’s fiance was a professional boxer for three years in Europe and told Ocean Drive magazine, “I’ve always liked boxing because it’s hard, it’s violent, but it’s honest”
So, after seeing Gabriel’s bashed in face, we’ve got to ask — could Olivier’s hand be considered a “lethal weapon?”
We posed the question to LA Family Law Attorney Lisa Bloom, who says, “It’s a creative theory.”
But, the legal analyst for, adds, “I expect the courts will see this as a sad but common domestic violence incident. Everyone involved should be ordered into anger management and parenting classes, because no child should have to deal with out of control adults hurting each other.”

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