Gabriel Aubry’s Face Seriously Bruised Post-Altercation

It was less than a tranquil Thanksgiving day for actress Halle Berry after her ex Gabriel Aubry got into a fight with her fiancé Olivier Martinez outside of her Los Angeles home yesterday morning. The battle left Aubry injured and in handcuffs as police took the model into custody. According to the LAPD, they received a call just after 10 a.m., and arrived at Berry’s home to find two men “involved in a physical altercation.” The police say that Aubry was first taken to a local hospital to receive treatment and then was booked into the Metro Detention Center on battery charges.The fight apparently broke out when Aubry arrived at the house for a custody handoff to return daughter Nahla to her mother. Words led to bunches and both men ended up going to the hospital for treatment. Bail was set for Aubrey at $20,000. The extent of the men’s injuries has not been released.

It’s still not clear if authorities will pursue a criminal case against Halle Berry ex Gabriel Aubry.

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have reached a truce over the violent turkey-day tussle at the Oscar winner’s mansion.
“The parties have reached an amicable agreement. There will be no further statements regarding this matter,” Berry lawyer Blair Berk told the Daily News Thursday.
She said the cease-fire statement was joined by Aubry’s criminal lawyer Shawn Holley.
 Both sides were in a Los Angeles courtroom Thursday to discuss the settlement with the family court judge overseeing the paternity case for Berry’s 4-year-old daughter with Aubry.
 It’s still not clear if authorities will pursue a criminal case against Aubry.
 He was taken into custody Thanksgiving morning on suspicion of misdemeanor battery after a fight with Berry’s fiancé Olivier Martinez.
 Police said Berry called cops to report someone assaulting her boyfriend and that Martinez made a citizen’s arrest of Aubry.
 A law enforcement source said Martinez claimed Aubry started the brawl by shoving him and throwing a punch at his face that missed and hit his shoulder.
 Aubry, a Calvin Klein model, later claimed Martinez violently attacked him without provocation and threatened to kill him.
 Multiple sources told the Daily News it’s highly probably the case will disappear because Aubry has no history of violent crime and barely touched Martinez.
 Instead, Aubry ended up with a broken rib and a smashed face with one eye swollen shut and a deep cut that required stitches.

Gabriel Aubry Gets Into Physical Altercation With Olivier Martinez :

Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez wanted to prove who’s the man in a recent altercation. The incident took place at Halle Berry‘s home on Thursday, November. Thanksgiving, that is!According to TMZ, the fight began when Aubry showed up for a custodial handoff to Berry. Martinez told Aubrey they have to move on, but the model pushed the actor and threw a punch at him. They got physical, with Martinez managing to pin Aubry to the ground. 

Following the fight, Aubry sustained a broken rib, contusions on his face and a possible head injury. The incident got so ugly, Martinez may have broken his hand and suffered neck injuries.

The police were called and “the investigation is ongoing”. So far, “the cause of the fight between the two men is unknown”. At least there’s not official word on the causes.
Us Weekly reports “no one has been booked yet. One man was transported with unknown injuries to a local hospital. I do not know the extent of the injuries or if he remains in the hospital”. They were referring to Gabriel Aubry.
According to Radar Online, Martinez, Aubry and Berry were cordial during a pre-holiday party November 21.
Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry split in April 2010 after dating for five years. They have a 4-year-old daughter Nahla. After the split, Berry and Aubry got involved into a nasty custody battle.

Gabriel Aubry’s Face Seriously Bruised Post-Altercation:

 When you’re a model you only have muscles to show. You never have muscles to prove your manhood. Gabriel Aubry is the living proof of that.The model got into a fight with his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend Olivier Martinez. Aubry went to Halle Berry’s house on Thanksgiving and things got physical between him and Martinez. Aubry started the fight and he was hospitalized after the altercation. He suffered a broken rib and serious face contusions.

One day after his violent showdown with Martinez, he was seen in Los Angeles. He obviously didn’t look too good. His face was digne of a horror movie.
Martinez meanwhile was all right beside screwing up his hand and his neck.
Following the altercation, a judge issued an emergency protective order against Aubry. His is required to stay 100 yards away from Berry, Martinez and daughter Nahla.

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