Cheesy makaroni/elbow pasta

I hate all those cheesy thing.With all the cheesy hint.
Somehow you got to cook it-for small creatures around

1.Mise-en-place-in french term refer to the preparation.Chop onion,slice button mushroom,and dice chicken meat .The other ingredients include butter,elbow macaroni,chopped parsley,some tomato cut into pieces and seasoning.

2.The method:
melt butter in pan

boil the pasta earlier

saute onion,mushroom and chicken

add the pasta
add prego herb and cheese sauce

stir and reduce to thick for 15minutes and remove from heat.

the result


  1. Aza,
    Sedapnye tengok pasta tu! Tambah lak ada rasa cheese gitu. Haish!

    Kenapa tak minat cheese maa?

    Psstt.. tak guna pinggan mangkuk baru tu ke? ;)

  2. Aida,

    Tak suka cheesy thing,cheesy sound.
    Sebab melekit,masin dan muak.Pelikkan?

    Hehe pinggan mangkuk baru..tunggu! (ceh,cam hebat sgt)