Gabriel Aubry spends time with his daughter Nahla after agreement

Gabriel Aubry enjoyed a happy reunion with daughter Nahla on Friday evening after calling a truce with her mother Halle Berry in court on Thursday.
It was the first time the father-daughter duo were able to spend quality time together since the 36-year-old model's arrest after a Thanksgiving altercation between the French-Canadian model and Berry's fiancé Olivier Martinez.
The model covered his purple shiner with a pair of sunglasses and attempted to go incognito in a black jacket over a grey hoodie, baseball hat and jeans.Despite his numerous injuries from last week's brawl, the blond stud seemed thrilled to take his girly girl's hand and happily lead her through the parking lot.
The little girl - dressed in striped tights and a classic trenchcoat - was equally thrilled, smiling and skipping by her doting dad's side as if she hadn't a care in the world.
Meanwhile, Berry also looked in better spirits on the rainy Friday as she brought Nahla to school - with a police escort in tow.
Martinez - still sporting bandages on his right hand - was also spotted Friday hitting up a local liquor store in Los Angeles.

 And while a court hearing is still scheduled for December 13, the warring trio appear to have at least temporarily reached a peaceful conclusion.
Berry has allegedly agreed to pay all of the model's medical and legal bills stemming from the altercation.

Meanwhile, Aubry has dropped plans to make a temporary restraining order against Martinez permanent.


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