Hello 2015 and adios 2014

Welcome 2015 jika masih hidup esok.
It's been a great year of 2014 and I'm too old to make a new year resolution.
I guess when we grew older (and hopefully wiser) the illusion and vision of such a perfect life drift away..not that we lose our grip but coz we enjoy our precious time  more and more and seize the moment.

The image of perfect home, perfect family and boost your ego within society ain't work for me.
Still drive my old car, wear my ancient clothes, nothing to boost really. You only got your journey along the way and the experiences you earn day by day.

If I have a something to wish for, what I want is to keep my monster travelling inside me sleep and deactived in 2015. (really? I won't buy it)
I just booked 2 flight ticket for 2015, one for family trip to East Malaysia and other one is Australia trip end of 2015.
That is all. Priority is save for my girl since she will sit for her primary exam and I hope can be a good mum to bring all the best in her. Try not to so selfish and not so much of being me in 2015.

And I hope that I won't get affected by Air Asia free seat sale, the discount airlines ticket filling my emails and surely no adhoc trip I like to commit. But then, I can't stop thinking where will be my highlight trip later? Maybe not in 2015 but in early 2016. I am thinking about Kelana Convoy to conquer Europe but let's see... I have to compromise and become a follower in order to join in. The lone ranger I am, will it fit me and make me more human than a caveman?
I feel that I have no calling yet for Asean/Asia neighbouhood trip except someone will pay for me. But who's know I might end up in Sa Pa Valley Vietnam next year. The only place in Asean I wish to go.

Too many place I can end up within my budget (Thai, Indonesia, China..all Asean) but I am not the one who just go to the same countries and I rather wait till my account get fat enough to see the other side of the world and different lanscape too. The most important is be in the place totally different from home. The four season countries you might say. Too ambitious? nah, don't underestimate the determination in you.
 It could drives you more than you ever imagine. (oh boy, it is a self-esteem preach?)

This place haven't be in my calling yet I can easily travel is:
1. Philipines - did I have some issue with Pinoy? well, I don't know but that the last country I will put on my list.
2. China - Sometimes I feel like I love to explore China but this idea doesn't work in my mind. And the visa process is tedious too
3. Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos - No more Asean countries baby! If I post  entry in the region you can say it's a paid trip.
4. Japan - just say no calling yet
5. New Zealand and all pacific island- doesn't stimulate my travel monster yet

The one I keep thinking:
1. Kathmandu and Himalayas region
2. Kazakstan, Turmenkistan, all the stan-stans region
3. Turkey and overland trip to Macedonia, Albania and Bosnia
4. Western Europe - of course!
5. Mongolia, Siberia and Russia
6. Western Asia- all the Arabs region. Like to travel to Iran, Syria, Jordan and others
7. Armenia and Georgia

Well, thats all about the mind of a hardcore traveller ( sadly without source and money) like me in the end of 2014. And I welcome 2015 with open heart and soul to see how things going on when you aged one year older.



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